Lyrics by Youngjae (Ars)

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  1. Never Leave You Alone
  2. Beautiful
  3. Best Friend (친한 친구)
  4. Call Buttom (feat. J.Praize)
  5. Closer (feat. JAY B)
  6. Colors (feat. Yerin)
  7. Crema
  8. Day By Day
  9. Deal
  10. Do It
  11. Dreaming Again
  12. Errr Day
  13. Eternal
  14. Everything For You
  15. Fall In Love
  16. Flower
  17. Fluffy
  18. Focus
  19. Gravity
  20. I'm All Ears (feat. Park Jimin)
  21. Irreplaceable (feat. The Toys & F. Hero)
  22. Lonely
  23. Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down (태양이 지면 널 만나러갈게)
  24. Moonlight
  25. My Day
  26. Nobody Knows
  27. Nothing
  28. On My Way
  29. Problem
  30. Roses
  31. Snooze
  32. So Not Worth It
  33. SUGAR
  34. Tasty
  35. Thinking Of You (자꾸 네가)
  36. Trauma
  37. Vibin
  38. Walk With Me
  39. Wanna Sleep
  40. With You
  41. You & I (그대와) (feat. SoYeon)
  42. You Whom I Love
  43. 자꾸 네가

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