Song Lyrics

Song lyrics

The lyrics are a very important part of a song. Song lyrics consist of those words that make up the song, and that are going to be sung by one or more singers, that is, they are going to be interpreted by a human voice. However, since the advance of artificial intelligence, lyrics can also be sung by AIs, and it is very likely that in the future we will find more and more songs interpreted by artificial intelligence.

The lyrics of a song can also be sung by AIs, and it is very likely that in the future we will find more and more songs interpreted by artificial intelligence.

Song lyrics usually consist of verses and choruses. The people who write the lyrics are called lyricists. The lyricists do not always coincide with the artist(s) who perform the song, and just as artificial intelligence is also making progress in this field. However, there are still integral artists who write and perform their own lyrics.

In the case of operas and longer musical compositions with a plot, as is also the zarzuela, the lyrics to a song are called a libretto, and the writer of the libretto is called a librettist.

The meaning of lyrics


The meaning of song lyrics need not always be explicit. It is often common to find hidden meanings in song lyrics that say much more than they first appear, and to analyze them it is necessary to know the artist's work, his life and the time in which he wrote the song, as well as the political and/or socio-cultural events of the time in which the lyrics were written.

Other times the meaning of song lyrics does not seek to transcend. It is easy to find lyrics that are only articulated under the need to be catchy and easily remembered by the mass public. These are often lyrics that are written so that people can chant them without problems, as they are simple and easy to memorize.

On the other hand, we can find lyrics that are written to be catchy and easily remembered by the mass public.


On the other hand we can find unintelligible or abstract lyrics, in which articulation, metrics, symmetry or any other form of artistic creation is explored. Without entering into the controversy of what they may seem to us, these lyrics are there and each person can reach or not in one way or another.

Depending on the genres, the lyrics can have more or less weight in the song. Generally in the most commercial and dance music the lyrics do not usually have a political-social vindictive aspect, while it is usually a theme of weight in a genre such as rap and mandatory in what is considered as singer-songwriter music. In fact, singer-songwriters have as a distinctive sign the fact that they write the lyrics of their songs themselves; this fact, along with the vindictive, is more important than their vocal or compositional quality, which does not mean that it should be left aside.

Song lyrics or 'Lyrics'. Etymology

From the Greek word λυρικός (lyrikós), the adjectival form of lyre (musical instrument), we have come to us 'Lyric', and hence 'lyrics', when referring to song lyrics. Although etymologically belonging to Greco-Latin culture, the first references in English are found in the mid-sixteenth century, in the Earl of Surrey's translations of Petrarch and his own sonnets.

In ancient Greece, lyrical poetry was sung accompanied by the lyre or Zither. This differentiated it from formal epics or elegies, which were accompanied by the flute. Many of the verses of 'The nine Greek lyrical poets': Alcaeus of Mytilene (monodic lyric, VII century BC), Safo (monodic lyric, 7th century BC), Anacreon (monodic lyric, 6th century BC), Alcmán de Esparta (lyric choral, 7th century BC), Stesichorus (choral lyric, 6th century BC), Ibycus (choral lyric, 6th century BC), Simonides of Ceos (choral lyric, 6th century BC), Bacchylides (choral lyric, 5th century BC), Pindar (choral lyric, 5th century BC) ; gave rise to the meaning we give it today of 'lyrical poetry'. However, the original Greek meaning, which was 'words set to music', eventually ended up being used as 'lyrics'. At first attested in the works of Stainer and Barrett in 1876 in the 'Dictionary of Musical Terms'.

Song lyrics and their importance

The message sent by song lyrics, whether implicit or explicit, is very important. That is so true that there are songs that have come to become a whole hymn for generations, groups of people or specific moments. Even without intending it. The fact that the lyrics of a song are chosen by a specific audience as an anthem transcends far beyond the creative intentions of the artist. For lyrics to become anthems, many circumstances must come together. But the truth is that it does happen, and often when we least expect it and with lyrics that we would have least expected.

When a song becomes a hymn, it becomes an anthem.

When a song has become an anthem you know it because when you hear the first bars people feel how the rage intoxicates them, the ecstasy is visible on their faces and the emotion forces them to get carried away by the rhythm, and to sing the lyrics of their anthem at the top of their lungs. In the case of hymns, it is essential to know the lyrics inside out. No one would forgive a mistake in the lyrics of songs that are considered hymns.

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the RAE, there are several meanings for the word 'anthem'. Among them are:

  • Poetic or musical composition intended to exalt a person, celebrate a victory or other memorable event, or express jubilation or enthusiasm.
  • Emblematic musical composition of a community, which identifies it and unites those who perform it.

As we can see, in both definitions the most noteworthy thing is the human and social perspective that the word has. A hymn consists of a song that expresses, identifies and unites a group, and that in the case of unofficial hymns, which have arrived there due to circumstances and their own merits, it is clear that the lyrics of those songs sublimated to hymns are essential for his promotion to the highest category.

Many will affirm that what is necessary for songs to become hymns is that the lyrics of the songs have a deep content, with which many people can feel identified, motivated and moved to action, whether internal or external. . Of course the lyrics of the songs cannot achieve much if the music that accompanies them does not manage to touch as deeply as the lyrics. The need for a certain musical quality in the song is very necessary for it to achieve anthem status.

I will resist, Who cares, I will survive, You don't own me, Girls just wanna have fun, Va, pensiero; I want to break free, Waltzing Matilda, Imagine, We are the champions, Insurrection, We are the world, Bella Ciao, The Wall... The lyrics of these songs send messages that different types of people have received so personal and powerful over the years that have made them consecrate not only as musical themes, but as authentic anthems.

Many of the songs that are considered anthems today were created years ago. Time, circumstances and timeless song lyrics have done the rest. At the end of the day, a hymn must connect with the deepest feelings of the human being to be considered as such, and in that aspect certainly fashions change rather little... or maybe not.

Time will tell if many of the hymns created today are still valid in twenty or thirty years or if, on the contrary, they have already fallen into oblivion, the result of the current consumerist maelstrom. In the same way, it is possible that song lyrics that currently go unnoticed or without pain or glory will become, for different reasons, the anthems of tomorrow. The lyrics of the songs will remain here, written and stored, like little treasures waiting to be discovered.

Find your anthem among all the song lyrics

On this page we have collected and continue to collect all the song lyrics of the artists who have published their albums on the market. We are convinced that the lyrics of the songs are a small treasure that, like poetry, can allow people to express their feelings, see themselves reflected in them, feel understood... For this reason we believe that it is very good to know the lyrics of the songs of your favorite artists, but it is even more interesting to get out of your comfort zone and investigate what unknown artists have to tell you in the lyrics of their songs.

In the lyrics of songs exposed here you can find your particular anthem, that song that you feel represents you perfectly and with which you feel fully identified. So we encourage you to use the search engine, or to go in alphabetical order to find the lyrics of songs that you like the most.