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#9 Dream 249
(forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess 160
(in) Cape Clear 101
A Kiss is Just a Kiss 317
A Little Story 326
A Story 338
A Thousand Times Yes 125
Aint She Sweet 328
Aint That A Shame 151
Airtalk 210
Aisumasen 150
Amsterdam 279
Angel Baby 95
Angela 139
Angry Young Woman 104
Approximately Infinite Universe 229
Ask The Dragon 319
Attica State 197
Baby Please Dont Go 217
Bad Dancer 153
Be Bop A Lula 261
Be My Baby 214
Beautiful Boys 140
Bless You 253
Blue Suede Shoes 324
Bony Moronie 105
Born In a Prison 156
Borrowed Time 177
Bring On The Lucie 327
Catman (the Rosies Are Coming) 108
Children Power 146
Cleanup Time 205
Coffin Car 234
Come Together 218
Cookin' 93
Crippled Inside 277
Dear John 229
Dear Yoko 154
Death Of Samantha 249
Dizzy Miss Lizzy 299
Do The Oz 253
Dogtown 122
Don't Be Scared 312
Don't Count The Waves 93
Don't Worry, Kyoko 100
Dream Love 86
even when You're Far Away 179
Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him 123
Everyman Everywoman 119
Extension 33 180
Fame 334
Forgive Me, My Love 95
Franklin Summer 253
Give Me Some Truth 144
Give Me Something 325
Give Peace A Chance 226
God 245
God Save Us 187
Going Down On Love 262
Goodbye Sadness 182
Goodbye, My Love 99
Goodnight Vienna 311
Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage All Over The City 190
Grow Old With Me 104
Growing Pain 269
Happy Xmas 145
Hard Times Are Over 315
Have You Seen A Horizon Lately 325
Heartburn Stew 169
Hell In Paradise 296
Hell In Paradise (dub Version) 208
Hell In Paradise (instrumental) 256
Here We Go Again 94
Hirake 285
Hold On 259
Hound Dog 297
How? 300
I Don't Know Why 269
I Don't Wanna Face It 222
I Dont Wanna Be A Soldier, Mama, I Dont Wanna Die 302
I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window 157
I Found Out 330
I Have A Woman Inside My Soul 197
I Know 283
I Learned To Stutter/coffin Car 100
I Love All Of Me 91
I Love You, Earth 179
I See Rainbows 176
I Want My Love To Rest Tonight 318
I'll Always Be With You 246
I'm Losing You 262
I'm Moving On 101
I'm Stepping Out 143
I'm The Greatest 148
If Only 235
Imagine 269
Incantation 138
Instant Karma 173
Intuition 284
Is Winter Here To Stay? 316
Isolation 158
It Happened 125
It's Alright 170
It's Been Very Hard 177
It's Gonna Rain (living On Tiptoe) 313
It's So Hard 130
Jealous Guy 312
John Sinclair 306
John, John (let's Hope For Peace) 191
Josejoi Banzai (translated From Japanese) 132
Just Because 120
Kiss Kiss Kiss 116
Kite Song 307
Kurushi 278
Left Turn's The Right Turn 114
Let Me Count The Ways 300
Let The Tears Dry 167
Life Begins At 40 108
Light On The Other Side 214
Listen, The Snow Is Falling 156
Little Boy Blue Your Daddy’s Gone 249
Loneliness 266
Loneliness (12" Remix) 82
Long Lost John 249
Look At Me 186
Looking Over From My Hotel Window 261
Lord, Take This Makeup Off Me 306
Love 262
Maggie Mae 282
Make Love, Not War 243
Meat City 182
Men, Men, Men 328
Midsummer New York 293
Mildred, Mildred 125
Mind Games 279
Mind Train 167
Mindweaver 89
Money (that's What I Want) 271
Moonbeams 107
Mother 195
Mother Of The Universe 188
Move On Fast 114
Move Over Ms. L 149
Mr. Hyde's Gone 100
Mrs. Lennon 224
Mucho Mungo 313
Mucho Mungo/mt. Elga 98
My Life 174
My Man 126
My Mummys Dead 229
Never Say Goodbye 267
New York City 186
New York Woman 149
No Bed For Beatle John 297
No, No, No 222
No, No, No/A Little Story 296
Nobody Loves You 280
Nobody Sees Me Like You Do 110
Nobody Told Me 99
Now Or Never 192
O' Sanity 309
O'oh 158
O'wind (body Is The Scar Of Your Mind) 88
Oh My Love 212
Oh Yoko! 94
Old Dirt Road 340
One Day 252
Only People 271
Only You 227
Open Your Box (hirake) 302
Open Your Soul To Me 272
Out The Blue 281
Peggy Sue 148
Peter The Dealer 239
Phil & John #1 195
Phil & John #2 282
Phil & John #3 212
Potbelly Rocker 261
Power To The People 323
Rainbow Revelation 310
Real Love 192
Remember 302
Remember Love 341
Remember Raven 233
Revelations 259
Rising 185
Rock & Roll People 282
Run, Run, Run 282
Satire #1 92
Satire #2 156
Satire #3 250
Scared 305
Scumbag 171
Seans In The Sky 259
Seans Little Help 307
Seans Loud 196
Serve Yourself 256
She Gets Down On Her Knees 301
She Hits Back 317
Shiranakatta (i Didn't Know) 212
Silver Horse 312
Since My Baby Left Me 249
Sisters, O Sisters 175
Sky People 292
Sleepless Night 166
Slippin & Slidin 124
Song For John 196
Spec Of Dust 227
Stand By Me 260
Starpeace 110
Starting Over 246
Steel & Glass 299
Story Of An Oak Tree 295
Straight Talk 267
Strangers Room 282
Sunday, Bloody Sunday 190
Surprise, Surprise ) 202
Sweet Little Sixteen 92
Take Me to the Land of Hell 293
Talking To The Universe 158
The Great Wok 312
The King Of The Zoo 211
The Luck Of The Irish 173
The Luck Of The Irish (live) 156
The Rishi Kesh Song 305
The Sun Is Down! 257
There's No Goodbye 312
Tight A$ 235
To Know Her Is To Love Her 216
Tomorrow May Never Come 169
Toyboat 177
Turn Of The Wheel 176
Turned The Corner 216
Waiting For The Sunrise 279
Wake Up 178
Walking On Thin Ice 256
Warzone 152
Watching The Wheels 276
We're All Water 188
Well 337
Well, Well, Well 182
What A Bastard The World Is 215
What A Mess 305
What Did I Do! 240
What You Got 243
Whatever Gets You Through The Night 105
When In Doubt, Fuck It 143
Where Do We Go From Here 325
Who Has Seen The Wind? 160
Will I 109
Will You Touch Me 148
Winter Friend 291
Winter Song 322
Woman Is The Nigger Of The World 226
Woman Of Salem 137
Woman Power 242
Working Class Hero 207
Wouldn It 240
Ya Ya 276
Yang Yang 222
Yellow Girl (stand By For Life) 322
Yer Blues 166
Yes, I'm A Witch 84
Yes, I'm Your Angel 247
You And I 91
You Are Here 111
You Cant Catch Me 166
You're The One 222
Your Hands 141
Yume O Moto (let's Have A Dream) 132
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