Lyrics by Tanxugueiras

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  1. Aire
  2. Figa
  3. Averno (feat. Rayden)
  4. Miña nena
  5. Perfidia
  6. Seghadoras
  7. TERRA
  8. A Virxe do Portovello (part. Rozalén)
  9. Acougo
  10. Albedrío
  11. Arica
  12. Autocracia
  13. Desidia
  14. Desposorio
  15. Fame de Odio
  16. Hermilláns
  17. Irmandade
  18. malquerenza
  19. Maltraer
  20. Midas
  21. Miña nai
  22. Non Cho Sei
  23. O Querer
  24. Oleró
  25. Pano Corado
  26. Treboada
  27. Quen É a Que Canta? (part. Fillas de Cassandra)

Tanxugueiras (Galician pronunciation: [tanʃuˈɣejɾɐs̺]) is a Galician folk trio formed in 2016 by Aida Tarrío and twin sisters Olaia and Sabela Maneiro. The group aims to bring a modern sound to traditional Galician music by merging folk sounds with pop and world music influences. Their music focuses on themes such as the understanding between peoples, the defense of the Galician language and culture, and women's empowerment.

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