Lyrics by Peggy Gou

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  1. (It Goes Like) Nanana
  2. Starry Night
  3. I Go
  4. Seoulsi Peggygou (서울시페기구)

Kim Min-ji (Korean: 김민지; RR: Gim Minji; born 3 July 1991), known as Peggy Gou ( PEG-ee GOO; 페기 구; Pegi Gu), is a South Korean DJ, singer, songwriter and record producer based in Berlin, Germany. She has released seven EPs on record labels including Ninja Tune and Phonica. In 2019, she launched her own independent record label named Gudu Records, and released a DJ-Kicks compilation titled DJ-Kicks: Peggy Gou, through !k7 Records. Her debut album I Hear You was released on 7 June 2024 through XL Recordings.

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