Lyrics by Nico Mattioli

Find here the lyrics to your favorite songs by Nico Mattioli.

Do you see the song you like in this list of Nico Mattioli's songs?

  1. Con Él No Soportás (part. 18 Kilates)
  2. Quedate Tranquila (part. Jambao)
  3. Ahora Es Tarde Para Llorar (part. Leo Mattioli)
  4. Me Hace Doler El Pecho (part. Leo Mattioli)
  5. Tú Le Robaste (part. Sabroso)
  6. Conmigo Te Gustó (part. La Repandilla)
  7. Cómo Podré (part. El Polaco)

To discover the patterns in Nico Mattioli's songs, you just have to read their lyrics carefully, paying attention not just to what they say, but how they are constructed.

Analyzing the lyrics of Nico Mattioli's songs can be a lot of fun and if you enjoy composing, it can help you find formulas to create your own compositions.