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  1. La Bolsa Gucci (part. Gabito Ballesteros)
  2. Bien Tony Montana (part. Calle 24)
  3. Toxica Belica (part. Galvancillo)

Miguel Cornejo y Reyes (May 8, 1888 – August 8, 1984) was a Filipino soldier, politician, and lawyer. He served as Municipal President of Pasay and representative from Mountain Province. During the American Administration in the Philippines, and after independence, as an attorney and legislator he championed many causes. In 1939, he compiled and published the Cornejo's Commonwealth Directory of the Philippines, often used as an historical source for the period. Earlier in his career, he served in the Philippine National Guard (PNG) in World War I after legislative enactment of the Militia Act on March 17, 1917. After the war upon its disbandment, because the US Territorial government did not authorize a Philippine Army at the time, Miguel R. Cornejo, together with Manuel David, founded the military organization of the National Volunteers of the Philippines, leading as Brigadier General. Descended from a prominent Spanish Filipino Mestizo Family, he spoke and authored many works in fluent Spanish, English and Tagalog. He married Crisanta Soldevilla of Gasan, Marinduque.

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