Lyrics by KAZE

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  1. Desconocido
  2. Gano Yo
  3. A Su Lado
  4. El Techo de Mi Habitación
  5. T K T (part. Toni Anzis)
  6. Cómete Mi Éxito
  7. Lo Que En Silencio Guardo
  8. No Soy Tuyo
  9. Record En Damn
  10. BROKEN
  11. El Chico de la Ropa de Colores
  12. Fuera Llueve
  13. Calmate
  14. Cambios
  15. Ese Dia
  16. Explosion de Jueves
  17. Modo Turbio
  18. Amar o Amarme
  19. De Que Van Esos Locos
  20. Existian Sonrisas
  21. Hablan de Union
  22. La Frente del Diablo (part. J Abecia)
  23. Mamma Mia
  24. Nada (part. Beto)
  27. Paparazzi
  28. Rebobina
  29. Record Mundial Completo (Directo Con Ajax Incluido)
  31. RECORD
  32. Venga Lo Que Venga

KAZE (106.9 FM) is a terrestrial American radio station, broadcasting a Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio format. Licensed to Ore City, Texas, United States, the station serves the Longview-Marshall area. The station is currently owned by Reynolds Radio, Inc. The station is part of a simulcast with sister station KBLZ, which serves the Tyler side of the market. "The Blaze" studios are located on Grande Boulevard, south of downtown Tyler. KAZE's transmitter is located northwest of Harleton in Harrison County.

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