Lyrics by Infectious Grooves

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  1. Borracho
  2. Cousin Randy
  3. 21st Century Surf Odysseyhttp
  4. A Legend in His Own Mind
  5. Back To The People
  6. Boom Boom Boom
  7. Citizen Of The Nation
  8. Die Lika Pig
  9. Do The Sinister
  10. Do What I Tell Ya!
  11. Don't Stop, Spread The Jams!
  12. Fame
  13. Feed The Monkey
  14. Fill You Up
  15. Frustrated Again
  16. Going, Going, Gone
  17. Good For Nothing
  18. Groove Family Cyco
  19. I'm Gonna Be My King
  20. Immigrant Song
  21. Infectious Blues
  22. Infectious Grooves
  23. Infecto Groovalistic
  24. Just a Lil Bit
  25. Made It
  26. Monster Skank
  27. One Last Kiss
  28. Please Excuse This Funk Up
  29. Punk It Up
  30. Rules Go Out The Window
  31. Savor Da Flavor
  32. Slo-Motion Slam
  33. Spreck
  34. Stop Funk'n With My Head
  35. Therapy
  36. These Freaks Are Here To Party
  37. Those Who Fear
  38. Three Headed Mind Pollution
  39. Turtle Wax (Funkaholics Anonymous)
  40. Violent & Funky
  41. What Goes Up
  42. Why?
  43. Wouldn't You Like To Know
  44. You Lie...And Yo Breath Stank
  45. You Pick Me Up (Just To Throw Me Down) 'Therapy'

Infectious Grooves is an American funk metal supergroup led by vocalist Mike Muir and initially a side project from his group Suicidal Tendencies. The current lineup also includes guitarists Dean Pleasants and Dave Kushner, bassist Robert Trujillo, and drummer Jay Weinberg. To date, the project released four albums between 1991 and 2000. Though Muir's sense of humor was often obvious with Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves often brought out a goofier type of humor, incorporating comedy skits involving an anthropomorphic reptile named Sarsippius. A mascot costume of Sarsippius was later created and often appeared during the band's live performances. The Infectious Grooves were on hiatus between the release of their fourth album, 2000's Mas Borracho, and 2007, while the band's personnel were busy with other projects. According to Muir, Infectious Grooves had been working on new material. In April 2008 the band began a one-month tour across Europe, featuring Stephen Bruner on bass, Eric Moore on drums, Dean Pleasants, and Tim Stewart on guitars. Most of the band's original lineup reunited for the Orion Music + More festival in June 2013, with ex-Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin filling in for Adam Siegel. The band is touring in 2024 with Dave Kushner on guitar and Jay Weinberg on drums.

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