Lyrics by ENHYPEN

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  1. Bite Me
  3. Polaroid Love
  4. FEVER
  6. Drunk-Dazed
  7. Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)
  8. Given-Taken
  9. TFW (That Feeling When)
  10. Chaconne
  11. 10 Months
  12. Fate
  13. Let Me In (20 CUBE)
  14. Bills
  15. Go Big or Go Home (모 아니면 도)
  16. I Didn't Know (Just a Little Bit) (몰랐어)
  17. Blockbuster (feat. Yeonjun)
  18. Not For Sale
  19. Blessed-Cursed
  20. Future Perfect (Pass The MIC)
  22. HEY TAYO (feat. TAYO)
  23. I Need The Light (구해줘)
  24. Bite Me (Japanese Version)
  25. One and Only
  26. One In A Billion
  27. ParadoXXX Invasion
  28. Tamed-Dashed
  29. Flicker
  30. Foreshadow
  31. Attention, Please!
  32. Mixed Up
  33. Upper Side Dreamin'
  34. Always
  35. Forget Me Not
  36. Billy Poco
  37. Intro : The Invitation
  38. Karma
  39. Come 2 Me
  40. Into the I-LAND (2023 Version)
  41. Intro: Whiteout
  42. Drunk-Dazed (Japanese Version)
  43. Interlude : Question
  44. Intro: Walk The Line
  45. Let Me In (20 CUBE) (Japanese Version)
  46. Make The Change
  47. Outro : The Wormhole
  48. Outro: Cross The Line
  49. A Kind Of Magic (Coke Studio Session)
  50. Bills (Japanese Version)
  51. Blessed-Cursed (Japanese Version)
  52. DOPE (쩔어) (cover)
  53. Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) (Japanese Version)
  54. Given-Taken (Japanese Version)
  55. Not For Sale
  56. Outro : Day 2
  57. Tamed-Dashed (Japanese Version)
  59. Sweet Venom (feat. Bella Poarch)
  60. Sweet Venom (English Version)
  61. Orange Flower (You Complete Me)
  62. Blind (멀어)
  63. Still Monster
  64. Mortal

To discover the patterns in ENHYPEN's songs, you just have to read their lyrics carefully, paying attention not just to what they say, but how they are constructed.

Analyzing the lyrics of ENHYPEN's songs can be a lot of fun and if you enjoy composing, it can help you find formulas to create your own compositions.