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  2. ASSA
  3. AURORA (오로라)
  4. Boyfriend
  5. Climax
  7. DREAM
  8. HingHing
  9. I'm Okay
  10. My Diary
  11. Nun Nu Nan Na
  12. PALACE
  13. PARADE
  14. Sirius
  15. Smooth Sailing (안녕, 인사해)
  17. I like I like (English Version)
  18. Melody
  19. I like I like
  20. Poongdung (풍덩)

Cignature (Korean: 시그니처; commonly stylized in all lowercase) is a South Korean girl group composed of Chaesol, Jeewon, Seline, Chloe, Belle, Semi, and Dohee. Formed by C9 Entertainment and managed under their exclusive girl group sub-label J9 Entertainment, the group made their debut on February 4, 2020, with their debut single "Nun Nu Nan Na".

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