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"Thank You, Kind Sir!" Said She 170
(i'll See You In) Cuba 131
(You Forgot To) Remember 253
A Couple Of Swells 108
A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody 66
Abraham 77
Alexander's Ragtime Band 136
Alice In Wonderland 294
All Alone 72
All By Myself 58
All Of My Life 95
Always 290
Angels Of Mercy 54
Anything You Can Do 195
Araby 267
Back To Back 92
Be Careful, It's My Heart 184
Because I Love You 183
Bells 177
Better Luck Next Time 220
Bevo 284
Blinded 143
Blow Your Horn 169
Blue Skies 148
Ceremonial Chant 251
Change Partners 250
Cheek To Cheek 136
Choreography 248
Coquette 88
Cuddle Up 194
Debts 194
Ding Dong 210
Don't Wait Too Long 54
Easter Parade 140
Everybody Step 94
Finale Ultimo 88
Fools Fall In Love 262
For The Very First Time 232
God Bless America 162
Grizzly Bear 55
Happy Easter 274
Happy Holiday 113
He Ain't Got Rhythm 269
Heat Wave 60
Homesick 48
Homeward Bound 197
Homework 62
How About Me? 164
How Deep Is The Ocean? 145
How Many Times? 59
I Can't Remember 252
I Got The Sun In The Morning 141
I Hate You 65
I Like It 198
I Love A Piano 145
I Never Had A Chance 131
I Never Knew 95
I Used To Be Color-Blind 142
I Wonder 136
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket 261
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 56
If I Had You 97
If You Believe 167
In The Morning 292
It'll Come To You 212
Jimmy 234
Just a Little Longer 265
Ladies Of The Chorus 144
Lazy 55
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