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A Barroom In The Night 466
A La Campagne 295
A Matter Of A Wonder 483
A Noël Tu M'entends 405
A Venise 496
Acropolis 402
Across The U.S.A. 345
Afscheid Radio Veronica 320
Alleen 268
Alleen Zonder Jou 462
Aloha Hé 439
Amazing Grace 389
America 504
Amore 404
And Then The Tango Played 431
Angelique 350
Ann-Marie 335
Annemarie 371
Au Revoir 317
Baby Voulez-vous? 298
Bad Bad Woman 460
Bamboleo 332
Bandolero 283
Behind The Blue 449
Bells Ring 496
Besame Mucho 481
Bienvenueb 493
Blue Blue Day 308
Blue Eyes 511
Break The Wall 352
Breaking My Heart 363
But I Need You 373
Call Me 332
Called You Once, Called You Twice 267
Cambodian Girl 492
Chanson D'amour 490
Chante 479
Chante à Noël 311
Chante Encore 495
Chante Pour Moi 321
Che Sarà 493
Christmas 316
Come On And Dance 441
Coming To My Dreams 303
Comme Facette Mammeta? 333
Conquistador 387
Countless Days 313
Cry To Me 386
Crying Time 377
Crystal Gazer 314
Dance Dance 306
Dance In The Moonlight 505
Dance,dance Dance 433
Dark Of The Night 381
Das Lied Am Ende Der Show 273
De Zee Die Geeft De Zee Die Neemt 490
De Zon, De Zee 344
Delirium 275
Desanya 294
Desperado 361
Die Mooie Tijd 454
Dizzy Miss Lizzy 470
Djadja 394
Do You Remember 260
Don Luigi 445
Don't Break My Heart 437
Don't Cry For Me 492
Don't Forget Me 313
Don't Give It Up 459
Don't Give Up - Don't Give In 423
Don't Say Goodbye 464
Down By A Blue Bayou 499
Dream Dream 357
Dreamin' 383
Dreamland 257
Drink The Wine 488
Drowning In The Rain 479
Duizend Keer 475
El Condor Pasa 408
El Condor Passa 326
El Cordobes 381
Everyday I Have To Cry 314
Falling In Love 374
Far East Traveller 441
Feeling Good Feeling Fine 453
Felicidad 493
Flying High 408
For Your Eyes Only 412
Free Me 500
From Here To L.A. 317
Funiculi - Funicula 456
Game Of Love 320
Gimme, Gimme Happiness 374
Gold And Myrrh 422
Golden Sun Of Jimenez 406
Gonna Take My Mind Off Maria 334
Good Old Volendam 340
Goodbye 359
Goodbye Farewell 491
Goodbye Sue 377
Goodnight 401
Guanabara-bay 396
Gypsy 269
Hang On To A Dream 445
Harbour Light 296
Hazy Lazy Days Of Summer 256
Hear Me Calling 475
Heat Me Up 414
Help Me 325
Hey Joe 472
Hey Lady Jane 351
Hey Mister 269
Hi Ho, What A Show! 293
Hilee Hilay 338
Hit It Up! 358
Holidays 462
Home Where I'm Going 304
Hot Nights 283
Hou Me Vast 491
I Can Still Remember 310
I Can't Live Without You 292
I Can't See 365
I Can't Stand These Nights 482
I Don't Want To Give Myself 409
I Love You So 459
I Recall 357
I Will Lend You A Hand 404
I Won't Change My Life 424
I'll Go Out Into The World 364
I'll Miss You 457
I'll Sing You A Song 360
If I Had Only A Chance 337
If I Say The Words 356
Ik Ben Stapelgek 395
Ik Laat Je Los 293
Ik Wil Bij Jou Zijn 348
Ik Wil Vannacht 276
In Memory Of Billy Joe 468
In My Heart 328
In Spite Of Everything 278
In The Year 1519 323
In Your Eyes 374
Is Everything In Vain 417
Is This Love? 478
Isles Of Atlantis 330
It Happened 25 Years Ago 328
It's All Right 414
It's So Good To Be Back Home 277
J'aime La Vie 477
Ja, Dat Was Jij 380
Jingle Bells 415
Joan Of Arc 441
Joy To The World 386
Just An Illusion 298
Just Another Rainbow 292
Just Fancy 304
Just Say I'm Home 476
Just Take My Hand 381
Keep Your Head Up 428
Key To My Heart 358
Kiss And Make Me Glow 329
L'adieu 288
L'anniversaire 349
L'été 305
L'important C'est La Rose 375
La Bouche Der Clown 402
La Délivrance 333
La Différence 356
La France 351
La Musiquette 446
Lady McCorey 391
Lass Die Sterne Wo Sie Stehn 368
Lay Your Head Upon My Shoulder 488
Le Lac Du Connemara 315
Le Légionnaire 292
Ledereen Heeft Zo Z'n Dromen 419
Leef Je Leven 347
Lend Me Your Shoulder 353
Les Gens De Tous Les Jours 419
Les Mémoires De Survivanc 322
Let's Go Rock And Roll 338
Let's Go Surfing 449
Let's Live It Up 349
Let's Sail Away 363
Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses 500
Like Flying 425
Lilly Marlene 272
Little Drummer Boy 371
Livin' In A World Of Love 399
Lobos 499
Lonely Nights 371
Love In My Heart 509
Love Me Like A Lion 324
Love's Like A River 431
Ma Chérie 423
Maar Als Jij Weg Wilt Gaan 255
Mama 492
Mama (met Jan Smit) 282
Marching On 296
Margarita 482
Maria Mari 356
Mariana 484
Maribaya 429
Marrakesh 464
Mary's Boy Child 373
May We Always Be Together 353
Maybe Someday 468
Mein Herz Ist Nicht Mehr Frei 282
Melodie D'amour 451
Memories 390
Mendocino 426
Meneer De Muzikant 481
Mexican Night 363
Mexico 332
Mi Corazón 351
Mijn Platteland 369
Mon Amour 358
Mon Port D'attache 453
Monday Tuesday 500
Montmartre 360
Mother 367
Mother Can You See Me 393
Mr. Dan 416
Mr. Morning 268
Mumbo Jumbo 360
My Baby Blue 485
My Everlasting Love 327
My Friend The Wind 269
My Heart Is Crying 280
My Heart Yearns Over You 447
My Illusion 359
My Memories Of You 426
My Number One 365
My Sweet Dream 392
Nabucco 320
Nadja 377
Nathalie 432
Never Let Me Down 321
Niets Is Mooier 479
Nights In Argentina 324
Paradise 404
The Banjo Man 273
The Bastard 370
The Best Days Of My Life 300
The Clown 287
The Dream Of 'Blue Bayou' 484
The End 275
The First Nowell 272
The Game Called Rock And Roll 484
The Gypsy Music 451
The Man In The Wood 457
The Music Will Never Stop 459
Une Belle Ballade 474
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