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16 251
369 64
A Different Kind Of Tension 248
Airwaves Dream 80
Alive Tonight 237
All Over You 281
Anatomy 251
Are Everything 100
Autonomy 80
Back With You 222
Ballroom Blitz 55
Between Heaven And Hell 115
Big Brother Wheels 288
Blue Eyes 303
Boredom 259
Breakdown 64
California Sun 280
Certain Move 186
Choices 63
Credit 154
Crystal Night 232
Do It 167
Don't Mess Me Round 86
Dreamin' 181
Driving You Insane 221
E.S.P. 124
Energy 57
Ever Fallen in Love? 163
Everybody's Happy Nowadays 272
Fast Cars 200
Fiction Romance 259
Flat-Pack Philosophy 302
Friends 92
Friends Of Mine 217
Get On Our Own 216
Give It To Me 96
God, What Have I Done 188
Guess I Must Have Been In Love With Myself 177
Harmony In My Head 211
Hold Me Close 232
Hollow Inside 222
Homosapien 109
I Believe 143
I Can't Control Myself 83
I Don't Exist 98
I Don't Know What It Is 136
I Don't Know What To Do With My Life 127
I Don't Mind 226
I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement 277
I Generate A Feeling 290
I Just Wanna Touch 223
I Look Alone 85
I Love You, You Big Dummy 263
I Need 294
I Surrender 149
I've Had Enough 194
If You Ask Me I Won't Say 159
In Love With Somebody Else 206
Innocent 239
Isolation 128
It's Hard Enough Knowing 146
Jerk 82
Just Lust 94
Just One Of Those Affairs 219
Keats' Song 57
Keep On 189
Kiss 'n' Tell 101
Last To Know 200
Lester Sands 132
Libertine Angel 187
Life Without Reason 214
Lipstick 66
Look At You Now 240
Love Battery 117
Love In Vain 264
Love is Lies 71
Love You More 263
Mad Mad Judy 228
Many A Time 217
Maxine 80
Millions Of People, No One Like You 278
Money 202
Morning After 285
Moving Away From The Pulsebeat 54
My Dreams 108
Need A Minit 237
Never Again 179
Never Gonna Give It Up 238
No Moon 58
No Reply 213
Noise Annoys 300
Nostalgia 233
Nothing Left 252
Oh Shit 219
On Your Own 108
Operator's Manual 251
Orgasm Addict 248
Palm Of Your Hand 291
Paradise 201
Pariah 149
Peking Hooligan 234
Phone 298
Playing for Time 120
Point Of No Return 91
Promises 131
Pusher Man 57
Qu'est-ce Que C'est Que Ca? 243
Raison D'etre 115
Real World 242
Reconciliation 107
Rendezvous 215
Runaround 204
Sell You Everything 254
Sick City Sometimes 234
Sitting Round At Home 264
Sixteen Again 222
Smile 112
Sneaky 153
Some Kinda Wonderful 86
Something's Gone Wrong Again 73
Soul On A Rock 254
Soul Survivor 213
Sound Of A Gun 82
Stars 216
Strange Thing 134
Telephone Operator 263
The Street Parade (The Clash Cover) 189
They're Coming For You 100
Thunder Of Hearts 97
Time's Up 156
Totally From The Heart 257
Ttt 214
Twilight 297
Under The Sun 183
Unthinkable 269
Up For The Crack 265
Useless 176
Waiting For Love 210
Wake Up Call 225
What Am I Supposed To Do 270
What Do I Get? 282
What Do You Know? 142
What Was Heaven? 194
What You Mean To Me 105
Whatever Happened To? 190
When Love Turns Around 229
Who'll Help Me To Forget? 243
Why Can't I Touch It? 265
Why Compromise? 202
Wish I Never Loved You 131
Without You 177
Witness The Change 64
XL1 165
Yesterday's Not Here 121
You And I 53
You Can't Take That Away 294
You Know Better Than I Know 192
You Know You Can't Help It 221
You Say You don't Love Me 96
You Tear Me Up 225
Your Love 187
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