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Almost Brooklyn 441
Angel Station 412
Angels 374
Baby, It's You 475
Bad Dream Lover 401
Bakersfield 298
Baltic 360
Bath Of Bacon 463
Ben 371
Bicycle Kid 450
Big Bad Thing 447
Big Cats 498
Big Old Wind 375
Big Saturday 454
Bigfoot Motel 319
Blame 319
Blues For Dean Read 274
Buffalo Shame 331
Burglar Of Love 491
Call Me 321
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present 398
Chickentown 460
Chinatown 460
City Of Night 368
Come On, Marie 447
Conspiracy 342
Cops And Hospitals 270
Cowgirl Fever 306
Cute Submarines 298
Daycare Nation 270
Death Dentist 485
Diamorphine 476
Do The Bubonic Plague 278
Domestic Animal 398
Down The Drain 335
Drink 255
Excellent! 366
Falling In Love 364
Fertiliser 339
Forever 459
Get It Wrong 431
Ghosts 352
Girl-Go 488
Girlfriend 344
Girls Say Yes 347
Girls Who Keep Goldfish 317
Grey Flannelette 494
Grooving In The Bus Lane 327
Hard 457
Harlan 269
Holiday 364
Honey 425
Hungarian Love Song 486
Hysteria 459
I Hate Love 254
I Need Meat 332
It Has To Be You 434
Just Like Betty Page 436
Keeping The Curtains Closed 405
Kids In The Mall/Kaliningrad 245
Killed Out 404
La Mer 377
Land 378
Line Of Death 396
Living In A Village 495
Looking For Lot 49 280
Lost In France 435
Love Kittens 272
Lulu's Nightmare 302
Marnie 310
Mind Like A Playgroup 392
Mister Siberia 386
Monkeyface 290
Mr. Odd 356
My Desert 270
My Zeppelin 313
New Invention 316
Next Move Sideways 273
Niagara 386
Nightmare Being 385
Nothing Special 359
Old Snakey 406
Olof Palme 434
Only A Rumour 429
Our Friends The Filth 407
Out Of Touch 289
Panic In Room 109 395
Partytime 411
Penguins 495
Peter Lorre 332
Pineapple Tuesday 371
Poisoned By Food 368
President Chang 492
President Reagan's Birthday Present 298
Racheland 288
Rain 278
Real Men 322
Red Pets 410
Scarlett 488
Sex Engine 316
She's A Yo-Yo 387
She's On Drugs 355
Shirley Maclaine 290
Sister Death 262
Sixteen Years 382
Soul Happy Hour 330
Southern Mark Smith 414
Susie 473
Sweet Water 350
Swell 341
The Ballad Of Tiny And Clyde 446
The Human Jungle 364
The New World 400
Thing 381
True Stories 445
Vienna Song 281
Vodka Girls 278
Walk With The Devil 290
Water 391
Whaddya? 436
What's The Matter 478
When Eno Sings 427
Whitfield, Sarah & The Birchfield Road Affair 383
Who Loves You Now 470
Zombie Love 419
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