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Africa 420
African Jamaican 334
African Postman 197
African Teacher 332
African Woman 245
Any River 270
Appointment With His Majesty 222
As It Is 197
Bad To Worst 304
Black Disciples 347
Black Soul 344
Brighten My Vision 395
Burning Reggae 345
Call On Jah 237
Call On You 259
Calling Rastafari 202
Changes 266
Chant Down Babylon 350
Christopher Columbus 235
Civilization 332
Columbus 427
Come Come 179
Come In Peace 296
Commercial Development 340
Creation Rebel 416
Cry Blood Africa 366
Cultivation 326
Don't Mess With Jill 424
Don't Sell Out 248
Door Peep 227
Door Peep Shall Not Enter 426
Down By The Riverside 342
Dry & Heavy 213
Estimated Prophet 349
Ethopians Live It Out 189
Every Other Nation 328
Farover 286
Farther East Of Jack 400
Fire down below 423
Fire Man 262
Foggy Road 406
Follow Marcus Garvey 288
Freeman 278
Garvey 315
Glory Be To Jah 200
Great Men 215
Greetings 419
Ha Ha 400
Hail Him 221
Hallelujah 384
Hello Rastaman 200
Hey Dready 325
House Of Reggae 215
I Stand Strong 319
Identity 430
Image 295
Jah a Guh Raid 303
Jah Is Real 284
Jah Kingdom 401
Jah No Dead 200
Jah See And Know 373
Jordan River 210
Journey 327
Land Of My Birth 402
Let's Move 194
Live Good 350
Loved For Who I Am 317
Loving You 416
Make We Dweet (Let's Do It) 284
Mamie 396
Man In The Hills 381
Marcus Garvey 291
Marcus Say Jah No Dead 178
Mek We Dweet (Let's Do It) 255
Message 295
Mister Garvey 223
Music 200
My Island 312
My Roots 195
New Civilization 178
No More War 298
Not Stupid 361
Old Marcus Garvey 305
Old School 254
One Marcus 386
One People 288
Own Security 413
People Of The World 418
Pick Up The Pieces 381
Play Jerry 325
Postman 178
Rasta Business 402
Recall Some Great Men 296
Red Gold & Green 182
Reggae Physician 369
Resting place 329
Rise Up 366
Rock 329
Rock And Roll 297
Rocking Time 382
She's Mine 283
Should I 328
Shout It Out 353
Slavery days 197
Social Living 244
Statue Of Liberty 206
Swell Headed 426
Take A Look 333
Thank You 399
The Elephants 251
The Ghost 353
The Sun 234
Them A Come 365
They Can't 329
This Man 234
Throw Down Your Arms 403
Tradition 280
Trust 348
Tumble Down 301
Walk 245
We Are Free 301
We Are Going 266
When Jah Call 193
World Power 347
You Want Me To 234
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