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Against the Madness of Time 179
All The Madness 384
Black Star 308
Blackended The Sun 314
Blinded by the Darkness 342
Burned Down the Enemy 319
Chaos Rising 249
Cruel World 221
Dark Winged Angel 260
Dawn of the Ancient War 139
Deceiver 186
Empyre 281
Eye for an Eye 209
Face the Truth 153
Fall Of Thy Kingdom 365
Feeding The Flames 239
Finally Free 342
Find Your Soul 183
Fool's Parade 162
From the Beginning of it All 170
Heart of Gold 201
Hell Awaits 270
Higher 386
I Am The Silent One 363
Icebound 322
In The Shadows 151
Incarnation 243
Into The Fire 138
Lake Of Fire 230
Lost In Your Thoughts 216
Manic Merry-Go-Round 198
Master Them All 147
Metal Queen 180
My Darkest Times 217
My Reign, My Fire 144
My Spirit 326
Night Games 137
Only the Wrong Will Survive 197
Parasite 344
Queen Of Fire 221
Quicker Than The Eye 283
Resurrection Machine 267
Sacrifice 379
Salvation By Fire 242
Signs Of Danger 159
Stealer Of Light 258
Stray Bullet 344
The King Is Dead, Long Live The King 270
The Lie 355
The One 243
Things That Drag Me Down 149
Time Has Come 223
To Hell and Back 355
Under The Dying Sun 293
Veil Of Secrecy 238
Voice From The Past 215
Walls of Stone 314
Was It Me 359
Canción Visitas