Songs by Bump of Chicken

Do you love Bump of Chicken's songs? Here you will find the lyrics of Bump of Chicken songs so you can sing them at the top of your lungs, cover them or just know well what they say. We've compiled all the Bump of Chicken song lyrics we could so that those who, like you, are looking for Bump of Chicken songs, can find them grouped in one place.

It's true that you may not be a big Bump of Chicken fan, maybe you found yourself here because of a single Bump of Chicken song that you like. If so, we recommend you take a look at the rest of Bump of Chicken song lyrics, you might fall in love with some more. Often if you like one Bump of Chicken song it often happens that you like many other Bump of Chicken songs.

The lyrics of Bump of Chicken songs often follow certain patterns that you can get to discover if you look closely.

Do you dare to see what it is? To do this you just have to read Bump of Chicken's songs well and look not only at what they say, but for what topics he usually has a preference, if he likes some kind of figure of speech in particular, if he tends to use many adjectives. Analyzing Bump of Chicken's lyrics can be a lot of fun and if you like to compose, it can help you find formulas to create your own compositions.We look forward to seeing you soon.

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66 Gousen 201
Acacia 277
Amedama no uta 387
Answer 332
Arrows 403
ARUE 183
Aurora 322
Batoru Kurai 409
Battlecry 377
Beautiful Glider 300
Bell (beru) 382
Bench And Coffee 192
Besuto Pikuchaa 190
Bouen No March 229
Bunbetsu Funtouki 348
Butterfly 328
Catch Ball (kyacchi Booru) 217
Colony 174
Dandelion 362
Danny 352
Diamond (daiyamondo) 247
Dosukoi 299
Dosukoi (Hidden Track) 319
embrace 263
Ending 391
Ever lasting Lie 329
Fighter 383
Fire Sign 267
Firefly 252
Flare 318
Flyby 237
Funbetsu Funtouki 332
Gekkou 356
Ginga Tetsudou 253
Glass no Blues 398
GO 220
Gotcha 202
Gravity 271
Guild 399
Gungnil 182
Gungnir 372
Guroriasu Reboryuushon 307
Halcyon (harujion) 255
Hammer Song to Itami no Tou 297
Hana No Na 372
Hanashi ga shitai yo 311
Harujion 194
Hello, World! 200
Holiday 289
Holyday 225
Honto No Honto 221
Hybrid Rainbow 193
Inmyheart 213
Inmynikke 367
Jikuu Kakurenbo 357
Junglegym 379
Jyoushaken 356
K 308
Karma 218
Kasabutabutabu 418
Kinensatsuei 335
Knife 244
Kudaranai Uta 367
Lamp 206
Laugh Maker 232
Lili 287
Lilly 311
Little Braver 183
Lost Man 177
Makka na Sora wo Mita Darouka 185
Mayday 377
Melody Flag 239
Merry Christmas 334
Motorcycle 352
Naifu 305
Namida no Furusato 258
No-Hit No-Run 278
Onaji DOA wo kuguretara 268
Only Lonely Glory 220
Opening 362
Orusuban 341
Parade 362
Planetarium 373
Puranetariumu 414
Puranetariumu (Planetarium) 402
R.I.P. 366
Rafu Meika 303
Rafu Meika (translation) 268
Ray 175
REM 260
Ribbon 370
Ritoru Bureibaa 252
Rosoto Man 320
Sailing Day 396
Sainou Hito Ouenka 262
Sannin no Ojisan 173
Sharin no Uta 414
Shinsekai 279
Sirius 177
Smile 229
Snow Smile 422
Spica 168
Stage Of The Ground 176
Suimin Jikan 412
Sunoo Sumairu 346
Supernova 390
Supernova - traduzido 345
Taiyou 229
Tentai Kansoku 271
Title Of Mine 253
Tomodachi No Uta 220
Totteoki no uta 215
Tsudu.Kudaranai uta 253
Uchuuhikoushi e no Tegami 376
Voyager 412
Zero 376
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