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10 Years Today 400
4 Words (To Choke Upon) 372
4 Words (To Choken Upon) 168
A Place Where You Belong 207
Ace Of Spades 218
All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) 210
Alone 345
Army Of Noise 263
Ashes Of The Innocent 402
Bastards 174
Begging For Mercy 160
Bittersweet Memories 309
Breaking Out 258
Breaking Out, Breaking Down 346
Breaking Point 343
Breathe Underwater 167
Broken 233
Can't Escape The Waves 223
Coma 331
Crawling 327
Crazy Train 251
Creeping Death 300
Cries In Vain 187
Curses 257
Dead To The World 344
Death By a Thousand Cuts 162
Deliver Us From Evil 225
Dignity 331
Dirty Little Secret 280
Disappear 384
Domination 238
Don't Need You 284
End Of Days 377
Eye Of The Storm 361
Fever 257
Forever And Always 262
Four Words (To Choke Upon) 379
Four Words To Choke Upon 379
Gravity 252
Hand Of Blood 271
Hearts Burst Into Fire 257
Hell Or High Water 309
Her Voice Resides 230
Hit The Floor 202
In Loving Memory 199
Just Another Star 378
Knives 282
Last Fight 341
Last to know 298
Leap Of Faith 177
Leech 223
Letting You Go 303
Livin' Life (On The Edge Of A Knife) 152
My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars 368
My Reverie 333
No Control 207
No Easy Way Out 372
No Happy Ever After 303
No More Tears to Cry 262
No Way Out 317
Not Dead Yet 383
Not Invincible 322
Omen 161
One 398
One Good Reason Why 265
Over It 317
P.O.W 217
P.O.W. 217
Paralysed 374
Parasite 357
Pariah 247
Paul's Song 306
Piece Of Me 195
Playing God 385
Playing With Fire 399
Pleasure and Pain 373
Pretty On The Outside 245
Radioactive 168
Rainbow Veins 355
Raising Hell 215
Riot 196
Road To Nowhere 257
Room 409 309
Run For Your Life 386
Saints & Sinners 367
Say Goodnight 197
Scream, Aim, Fire 234
Seven Days 288
Shatter 207
Skin 204
Spit You Out 241
Step Out From The Inside 403
Stitches 261
Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow 389
Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do?) 384
Take It Out On Me 354
Tears Don't Fall 202
Tears Don't Fall (Part II) 174
Temper Temper 358
Ten Years Today 190
The End 170
The Harder The Heart (The Harder It Breaks) 191
The Last Fight 360
The Poison 181
The Very Last Time 195
This Means War 210
Truth Hurts 179
Turn To Despair 250
Under Again 200
Venom 341
Waking The Demon 389
Watching Us Die Tonight 361
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 182
Welcome Home (sanitarium) Metallica Cover 276
Who do You Think You Are? 386
Whole Lotta Rosie 155
Witchcraft 253
Worthless 263
You Want a Battle? (Here's a War) 403
Your Betrayal 404
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