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'Til I'm Laid To Rest 172
54/46 142
African Pride 221
Batty Rider 265
Bonafide Love 320
Bongo Cart 170
Boom Bye Bye 152
Bring It on 231
Champion 217
Chuck It So 100
Circumstances 155
Close One Yesterday 283
Closer To Me 135
Complaint 112
Cry No More 138
Deportees (things Change) 328
Destiny 263
Di Woman Dem Phat 219
Dickie 227
Driva - Don't Stop At All 89
Driver 307
Fat Gal Ready 252
Feeling Groovy 246
Gal Fi Beg 154
Get It On 201
Give I Strength 134
Go If You Want 115
Gold Spoon 134
Good Times 265
Haffi Get Yu 301
Heartbreak Lover (feat Beres Hammond & Maxi Priest) 204
Hello Mama Africa 117
Hey Bwoy, Hey Bwoy 330
Hills & Valleys 149
How Could You 115
How It A Guh Guh 162
Hush baby Hush 209
Immigration Law 279
It's All Over 191
Justice 227
La Da De Da 135
Look Out Fi Dem 178
Love Dem bad 275
Love Me Browning 149
Love Sponge 196
Magic City 285
Man Fi Dead 169
Memories (feat. John Legend) 242
Mother´s Cry 258
Mr. Nine 124
Murderer 224
My Pen 267
My Woman Now 125
Not An Easy Road 101
One to One 90
Only Man 295
Paid Not Played 199
Party Vibe 210
People Kill People 328
Politics Time Again 126
Queen and Lady 329
Redder Than Red 222
Ride This 244
Run Di Place 198
Second Class Love 219
Single Parent 291
Sleepless Nights 256
Small Axe 111
Sound Fi Dead 135
Stay Longer 203
Steppa 303
Talk To Me 222
Teaser 144
Things Change (Deportees) 129
Til I'm Laid To Rest 210
Traffic Jam 304
Tralala 206
Trust 252
Trust (remix) (feat. Tory Lanez) 148
Unity 147
Unlold Stories 327
Untold Stories 171
Waistline 284
Wanna Be Loved 252
We'll Be Alright (feat. Luciano) 281
What Am I Gonna Do 265
What Ya Gonna Do 136
Who Say (Big Man Nuh Cry) 313
Willy 311
Yardie 226
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