Lyrics by Ancient Spheres

  1. A Tale Told Two Thousand Times
  2. Ancient Ritual
  3. Chaos Compass
  4. Cold And Dead Stone
  5. Cross The Line
  6. Dead Child
  7. Emperors Of The Night
  8. Ethereal
  9. Fire And Misery
  10. In Solitude I Die
  11. Invoking Darkness
  12. Lord Of The Morbid Ritual
  13. Moonsorrow
  14. My Ancient Spirits
  15. Sands Of Oblivion
  16. Serkes
  17. Slaughters
  18. Tara
  19. The Journey To Suráyum
  20. The Lord Ov The Morbid Ritual
  21. The Mystery Of Sibú
  22. The Old Forest
  23. The Sign
  24. Usuré
  25. Wrath Of Sórkura

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