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  2. Before I Start Dreaming
  4. Blur
  5. Calm, Calm, Calm Yourself
  6. Chances
  8. Collapse
  10. Detroit Stab
  11. Empires
  13. Everybody Here Wants You
  14. Fatal Flaw
  15. Find Me
  16. Forget Love, I Just Want You To Make Sense To Me Tonight
  17. Goes Without Saying
  18. Hymn For Her
  19. If Not Now When
  20. In Retrospect, It Was Obviously Hell
  21. In With The New
  22. Introspect
  23. Keep Dancin'
  24. Knew Then Know Now
  25. Kodachrome
  26. Like Steps In A Dance
  27. Live Fast. Die Young.
  28. Lower East Side
  29. Madness
  30. Nightfall
  33. Rust (The Short Story of Mary Agnosia)
  34. Sheet Music
  35. Sing Out
  36. Sleep. When We Die.
  37. Sleeping
  39. Still Looking
  40. Summer
  41. Summer Tongues
  43. Watch You Burn
  44. Wedding/Funeral
  45. When We Die (sleep)

Anchor & Braille is the recording alias for American singer-songwriter Stephen Christian, known for fronting the alternative rock band Anberlin. Originally conceived as a side project for Christian, Anchor & Braille became his primary vehicle for releasing music after Anberlin's initial dissolution in 2014. Christian has described Anchor & Braille as a collaborative effort, having recorded with musicians such as Aaron Marsh of Copeland, Micah Tawlks, and Kevin Dailey of Civil Twilight. Since its beginning, Christian has released four studio albums under this name, Felt in 2009, The Quiet Life in 2012, Songs for the Late Night Drive Home in 2016 and Tension in 2020.

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