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  1. Aeon
  2. Afraid
  3. Anti-Faith
  4. Bring Me Down
  5. Dream Catcher
  6. Exit Stage Left (Pursued By a Bear)
  7. Feel Alive
  8. Ghosts In The Machine
  9. Hang Man
  10. Human
  11. Idle Minds
  12. Invaesion
  13. Not Enough
  14. Storm Chaser
  15. Sunlight Through a Straw
  16. The Wanderer
  17. Whatever the Case May Be
  18. World In a Bottle
  19. Zero Fidelity

Anavae (often abbreviated ae, Æ or æ) are an English-rock duo from London, England. The group consists of Rebecca Need-Menear and Jamie Finch. Following their self-released EP Into the Aether, the band signed with English indie label LAB Records in 2013, releasing a second EP entitled Dimensions soon after.

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