Lyrics by Ana Free

  1. Summer Love
  2. 20 Days
  3. A Chuva
  4. A Long Way Down
  5. A Long Way Down (Gonna Take You)
  6. Along the line
  7. Beautiful Goodbye
  8. Beauty Queen
  9. Black Tears
  10. Chained
  11. Child
  12. Crash And Burn
  13. Crash and Burn (feat. Mia Rose)
  14. Crazy
  15. Crazy.
  16. Draw Your Face
  17. Electrical Storm
  18. Free
  19. Girlfriend (feat. Diego Miranda)
  20. High Tide
  21. I Didn't Know
  22. I Got Away
  23. I Got You
  24. I Listen
  25. I miss you
  26. I Want Your Love
  27. In My Place
  28. It's Time
  29. Keep On Walking
  30. Lead me to you
  31. Little Miss Shy
  32. Medo de Amar
  33. Memories
  34. Moment
  35. No One
  36. No Other Way
  37. No Reason
  38. Nothing To Fear
  39. Perfection
  40. Playgrouds And Kisses
  41. Playground and Kisses
  42. Playgrounds And Kisses
  43. Questions In My Mind
  44. Rasgá-me para cima
  45. Renegade
  46. Rewind
  47. Savin' Me
  48. Searching (For An Angel)
  49. Searching (for An Angel) [tradução]
  50. Seen Your Face
  51. Self-Inflicted
  52. Stupid Game
  53. Such a Fool
  54. Sugar Rush
  55. Surrender
  56. Sway
  57. Tear Me Up
  58. Tentar
  59. The Rain
  60. The Way it Was
  61. Try
  62. Try Tradução
  63. Unfinished
  64. Visto o seu rosto
  65. Voa ate ao teu coraçao
  66. Wake Up Call
  67. When You Love Someone

Ana Gomes Ferreira (born 29 June 1987), known professionally as Ana Free, is a singer, musician, songwriter and performer who has had a series of top-five hit singles, including 4 number one hits, in Portugal. She has a growing musical presence on the popular video sharing website YouTube, gaining over 40.1 million views to date. Ana Free's single "Electrical Storm" from her debut album "Together" occupied the number 1 spot on the MTV Portugal Top 50 National Music Chart.

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