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  1. Agora Voltou
  2. Mais Uma Vez
  3. O Fim
  4. O Tempo
  5. Sobre Tudo
  6. Sua Vez

Amusia is a musical disorder that appears mainly as a defect in processing pitch but also encompasses musical memory and recognition. Two main classifications of amusia exist: acquired amusia, which occurs as a result of brain damage, and congenital amusia, which results from a music-processing anomaly present since birth. Studies have shown that congenital amusia is a deficit in fine-grained pitch discrimination and that 4% of the population has this disorder. Acquired amusia may take several forms. Patients with brain damage may experience the loss of ability to produce musical sounds while sparing speech, much like aphasics lose speech selectively but can sometimes still sing. Other forms of amusia may affect specific sub-processes of music processing. Current research has demonstrated dissociations between rhythm, melody, and emotional processing of music. Amusia may include impairment of any combination of these skill sets.

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