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  1. Bridges
  2. Cell Phone
  3. Don't Talk About It
  4. Dualism
  5. Fighter
  6. I Can't Forget
  7. I'm Letting You Go
  8. I'm Not The One You Used To Know
  9. La Vie Sans Toi
  10. Leave My Love Bleeding
  11. Love injected
  12. Maiga Vara
  13. Pamet Mani
  14. Red Moon
  15. Until We Land (feat. Ralfs Eilands)

Aminata is a West African given name; it may refer to: Aminata Diaw (1959–2017), Senegalese academic and political philosopher Aminata Maïga Ka (born 1940), Senegalese writer Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye, member of the Pan-African Parliament Aminata Savadogo (born 1993), Latvian singer Aminata Sow Fall (born 1941), Senegalese-born author Aminata Traoré (disambiguation), multiple people Sidibé Aminata Diallo, Malian academic and politician

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