Lyrics by Ami Suzuki

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  1. Asu, Atsuku,motto,tsuyoku
  2. 2(futa)ri No Pop (suzuki Ami Joins Hoff Dylan)
  3. A Token Of Love
  4. About You
  5. Ai no Uta (Suzuki Ami joins ROCKETMAN feat.YOU THE ROCK★)
  6. Aishiteru
  7. Aishiteu...
  8. All Night Long
  9. Alone In My Room
  10. Alright!
  11. Another World
  12. Around The World
  13. Asu, Atsuku, Motto, Tsuyoku
  14. Atarashii Hibi (suzuki Ami Joins Yo-king)
  15. Be Together
  16. Beautiful
  17. Bitter...
  18. Boku no Shiawase
  19. Breakin' My Heart
  20. Can't Stop the DISCO
  21. Carry out
  22. Chain Love
  23. Change my Life
  24. Cinderella Story
  25. Climb Up To The Top
  26. Crystal
  27. Dancin' In Hip-hop
  28. Dancin' Little Woman
  29. Delightful
  30. Don't Leave Me Behind
  31. Don't Need To Say Good Bye
  32. Don't Need To Say Goodbye
  33. Drive me Crazy
  34. Eventful
  35. Everything To Me
  36. Evidence Of Love
  37. Fantastic
  38. Feel The Beat
  39. Flower
  40. For Yourself
  41. Free Free
  42. Futari no POP
  43. Futariha POP
  44. Future
  45. Happy new millenium
  46. Happy New Millennium
  47. Hare Mo You
  48. Hopeful
  49. Hopeful -Overhead Champion Mix-
  50. I Really Wanna Tell
  51. I'm Alone
  52. If
  53. In My Diary...
  54. Infinity 18
  55. Kagami
  56. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  57. Last Birthday
  58. Let Me Talk About My History One More Time
  59. Like a Love?
  60. Love Mail
  61. Love the Island
  62. Make a Move
  63. Moujiki Asa Ni Naru No Ni
  64. Music
  65. Mysterious
  66. Negai Goto
  67. Negaigoto
  68. Nothing Without You
  69. One
  70. Our Days
  71. Place
  72. Please Stay Tuned
  73. Potential Breakup Song
  74. Potential Breakup Song (Suzuki Ami joins Aly & AJ
  75. Private Sky
  76. Rain Of Tears
  77. Reality
  78. Reincarnation
  79. Risk
  80. Silent Stream
  81. Slow Motion
  82. Smile
  83. Snow Ring
  84. Sore Mo Kitto Shiawase
  85. Squall Ni Nurete
  86. Step
  87. Stereo love
  88. Stories Behind...
  89. SUKO-RU ni Nurete
  90. Super Music Maker
  91. Suzuki Ami joins YO-KING
  92. Sweet Dance
  93. Sweet Voice
  94. Ten
  95. The Weekend
  96. Times
  97. To be Free
  98. TRUE
  99. Tsuyoi Kizuna
  100. White Key
  101. Winter Buzz
  102. With You

Ami Suzuki (鈴木亜美, Suzuki Ami, born 9 February 1982) is a Japanese recording artist, DJ, and actress from Zama, Kanagawa, Japan. Having been discovered at the talent TV show Asayan, she was one of the most popular female teen idols in the late 1990s. However, in 2000, Suzuki faced legal problems with her management company resulting in a controversial blacklisting from the entertainment industry. Suzuki attempted to resurrect her career under her own steam with two indie singles before signing to Avex Trax in 2005. She released "Delightful", a dance song that reached No. 3 on the Japanese Oricon charts with a style similar to electronic club music, significantly different from her pop idol days. Since her appearance in the 2006 film Rainbow Song, Suzuki has gradually made a name for herself in the acting field, starring in various movies, television series, and musicals.

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