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  1. A Twilight Season
  2. Control The Masses
  3. I Am
  4. Modern Times Syndrome
  5. The Self Perception Dylemna
  6. Thrown Off Balance
  7. World Of Perverstemptation

Amethyste or Amethystos (Ancient Greek: Ἀμέθυστη, romanized: Améthustē, lit. 'non-drunk') is supposedly a nymph in Greek mythology who is turned into a precious stone by the goddess Diana/Artemis in order to avoid a worse fate at the hands of the god Dionysus, thus explaining the origin of the semi-precious stone amethyst. Although this tale has circulated a lot in various sites and books, no ancient source attests to it, and its origin is much later than either ancient Greece or Rome.

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