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  1. Chanel No. 5
  2. All Your Jeans Were Too Tight
  3. Animal Pen
  4. Another Morning
  5. Apology For an Accident
  6. Asleep
  7. At My Mercy
  8. Bad Liquor
  9. Big Night
  10. Blue & Grey Shirt
  11. Can You Help Me?
  12. Cape Canaveral
  13. Challenger
  14. Clouds
  15. Crabwalk
  16. Dallas, Airports, Bodybags
  17. Dreamers Of The Dream
  18. Elbow Deep
  19. Electric Light
  20. Ex-Girlfriend
  21. Fearless
  22. Firefly
  23. Gary's Song
  24. Gratitude Walks
  25. Heaven Of Your Hands
  26. Hello Amsterdam
  27. Here They Roll Down
  28. Highway 5
  29. Hollywood 4-5-92
  30. Home
  31. How Many Six Packs Does It Take
  32. Hula Maiden
  33. I Broke My Promi
  34. I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills
  35. I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills and
  36. I'll Be Gone
  37. I've Been a Mess
  38. If I Had a Hammer
  39. In My Role As the Most Hated Singer
  40. In The Shadow Of The Valley
  41. It's Your Birthday
  42. Jenny
  43. Jesus' Hands
  44. Johnny Mathis' Feet
  45. Kathleen
  46. Keep Me Around
  47. Ladies & Gentlemen
  48. Last Harbor
  49. Laughing Stock
  50. Lonely
  51. Love Doesn't Belong
  52. Love Is
  53. Memo From Aquatic Park
  54. Miracle on 3rd St.
  55. Miracle On 8th Street
  56. Mom's TV
  57. Never Mind
  58. Nightwatchman
  59. Now You're Defeated
  60. Outside This Bar
  61. Over And Done
  62. Pale & Skinny Girl
  63. Patriot's Heart
  64. Rise
  65. Royal Cafe
  66. Sick Of Food
  67. Somewhere
  68. The Amyl Nitrate Dreams of Pat Robertson
  69. The Art of Love
  70. The Confidential Agent
  71. The Dead Part of You
  72. The Dream is Gone
  73. The Hopes And Dreams Of Heaven's 10,000 Whores
  74. The President's Test for Physical Fitness
  75. The Revolving Door
  76. The Right Thing
  77. The Thorn In My Side Is Gone
  78. The Thorn In My Side Is Gone (Alternate Version)
  79. This Year
  80. United Kingdom
  81. Western Sky
  82. What Holds the World Together
  83. What The Pillar Of Salt Held Up
  84. Why Won't You Stay?
  85. Will You Find Me?
  86. Wish the World Away

American Music Club was an American, San Francisco-based indie rock band, led by singer-songwriter Mark Eitzel. Formed in 1982, the band released seven albums before splitting up in 1995. They reformed in 2003 and released two further albums.

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