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  1. All We Know
  2. Angels
  3. Hurts Like Hell
  4. Kiss Kiss Bang
  5. Move To The Music
  6. Other Side Of You
  7. Rewind
  8. Roll On
  9. She Don't Cry No More
  10. We Are Wild And Young
  11. Whiskey Walk
  12. Wild and Young
  13. Wouldn't Want To Be You

American Bang was an American southern rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The group was founded by two former members of Llama and one of the Kicks, along with a fourth member, in 2005. They initially formed under the name Bang Bang Bang and self-released an album under this name in 2005, but after signing to Warner Bros. Records in 2006, they changed their name to American Bang after finding out another band of the same name already existed. Their first EP under the new name arrived in 2007, and a new full-length was issued in 2010. Their song "Wild and Young" was the theme song of WWE's show WWE NXT. It was also used in the 2010 animated film Alpha and Omega and in the season one finale of the television show Greek. The band's lead guitarist, Ben Brown has now left, and the remaining trio have formed a similar band called The Cadillac Three.

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