Lyrics by Amduscia

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  1. Aberraciòn En Tu Voz
  2. Absolution
  3. Animal Instinct (Part 1)
  4. Beyond The Darkness
  5. Beyond The Darkness (raving Mix)
  6. Corpses Symphony
  7. Dead Or Alive
  8. Decision Inminente
  9. Delirio Asesino
  10. Dios Vuelta Miseria
  11. Easy Way To Hell
  12. Embrion
  13. Evil Song
  14. Evil Song (paradise Mix)
  15. False Freedom
  16. Filofobia
  17. Freak Knowledge
  18. Fucking Flesh
  19. Fucking Flesh (raw Mix)
  20. Heresy
  21. Impulso Biomecànico
  22. Impulso Biomecànico (english Version)
  23. Incitaciòn Pagana
  24. Incitatiòn Pagana
  25. Kill, inc., Motherfuckers
  26. Killing Mission
  27. Melodies For The Devil
  28. Merciless Vain Reign
  29. Perverse Party
  30. Placeres Negros
  31. Profano Tu Cruz
  32. Sad Warrior Soul
  33. Schizo Dance
  34. Seal You In Red
  35. Seeing You Pray
  36. Shattered Mind
  37. Solo Maquina
  38. Touch That (Kill Your Toughts)

Amduscia is a Mexican aggrotech band from Mexico City consisting of Polo Acevedo (vocals, lyrics, sampling), Raul Montelongo, and Adrian Ruiz.

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