Lyrics by Amaranthe

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  1. Amaranthine
  2. Maximize
  3. Archangel
  4. Digital World
  5. Drop Dead Cynical
  6. Razorblade
  7. Boom!1
  8. Inferno
  9. On the Rocks
  10. Trinity
  11. Unified
  12. 1.000.000 Lightyears
  13. 21
  14. 365
  15. 82nd All The Way
  16. A Splinter In My Soul
  17. Act Of Desperation
  18. Adrenaline
  19. Afterlife
  20. An Ordinary Abnormality
  21. Army Of The Night
  22. Automatic
  23. BOOM!
  24. Boomerang
  25. Break Down And Cry
  26. Breaking Point
  27. Breakthrough Starshot
  28. Burn With Me
  29. Call Out My Name
  30. Countdown
  31. Cristalline
  32. Crystalline
  33. Crystalline (Orchestral)
  34. Damnation Flame
  35. Danger Zone
  36. Die And Wake Up
  37. Director's Cut
  38. Do Or Die (feat. Angela Gossow)
  39. Dream
  40. Dynamite
  41. Electroheart
  42. Endlessly
  43. Enter The Maze
  44. Evolution (feat. Dreamstate)
  45. Exhale
  46. Faster
  47. Fearless
  48. Find Life
  49. Fireball
  50. Fury
  51. Future On Hold
  52. GG6
  53. Helix
  54. Hunger
  55. Iconic
  56. Infinity
  57. Insatiable
  58. Invincible
  59. It's All About Me
  60. Leave Everything Behind
  61. Limitless
  62. Make it better
  63. Massive Addictive
  64. Mechanical Illusion
  65. Momentum
  66. My Haven
  67. My Transition
  68. Over And Done
  69. PvP
  70. Rain
  71. Say The Word
  72. Scream My Name
  73. Serendipity
  74. Skyline
  75. Stardust
  76. Strong
  77. Supersonic
  78. That Song
  79. The Game
  80. The Nexus
  81. The Score
  82. Theory Of Everything
  83. Theory Of Everything
  84. Theory Of Everything
  85. Transhuman
  86. True
  87. Unreal
  88. Viral
  89. Re-Vision

Amaranthe is a Swedish heavy metal band originally known as Avalanche. The band is notable for their blend of various metal genres and having three lead vocalists.

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