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  1. A Call To Apathy
  2. A Comet Appears
  3. Be Where You Are
  4. Beautiful Goodbye
  5. Believe In You
  6. Best Of Me
  7. Birmingham
  8. Brand New Beau
  9. Colleen (I Saw Him First)
  10. Cross My Heart
  11. Dark Horse
  12. Dizzy
  13. Dont Let It Bring You Down
  14. Double Agent
  15. Everybody's Got A Story
  16. Fall From Grace
  17. Girl Sailor
  18. Give Up Giving In
  19. Giving Up Giving In
  20. I'll Be Okay
  21. If I 0pen Up My Heart To You
  22. If I Didn't Have You
  23. Inside The Tornado
  24. Just Love Me
  25. Last Exit to Eden
  26. Let It Rain
  27. Let's Get Lost
  28. Love Is My Witness
  29. Love Lift Me
  30. Marry Me
  31. Never Said Goodbye
  32. One Of Us
  33. Out Of Bounds
  34. Promises
  35. Red Magic Marker
  36. Ride
  37. Right Here All Along
  38. Saint Simon
  39. Shades of Grey
  40. Sitting On Top Of The World
  41. Sunday Morning After
  42. The Best Of Me
  43. The Gypsy
  44. The Voice Inside
  45. This Could Take All Night
  46. Time to Breathe
  47. Too Little, Too Late
  48. Trust Me (This Is Love)
  49. Turn a Square
  50. Until We Fall In
  51. What If God Was One Of Us
  52. Why Don't You Love Me
  53. Wishful Thinking
  54. Won One Too Many Fights

Amanda Meta Marshall (born August 29, 1972) is a Canadian Juno award winning pop-rock singer. She has released four studio albums; the first was certified diamond in Canada, with the second and third certified 3× platinum and platinum respectively. She is best known for her 1996 single, "Birmingham", which reached number 3 in Canada and was her only song to reach the US charts.

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