Lyrics by Amalee

Do you love Amalee's songs? Here you'll find the lyrics to Amalee's songs so you can sing them at the top of your lungs, make your own versions, or simply understand them properly.

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  1. Isabella's Lullaby
  2. Cruel Angel's Thesis (From Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  3. The World's Continuation (English Version)
  4. Assassination Classroom - Question
  5. Guren No Yumiya (English Version)
  6. Kiss Of Death
  7. One Hell of a Team
  8. Papermoon
  9. Snow Fairy (Fairy Tail) English Version
  10. Voracity
  11. A New Journey
  12. Again
  13. aLIEz (English Version)
  14. Aoki Tsuki Michite (Black Butler: Book of Circus)
  15. Be The Flame (From Paladins)
  16. Bird Blue
  17. Black Clover Black Rover
  18. Black Lagoon - Red Fraction (Full Opening)
  19. Blowing
  20. Courage (From Sword Art Online II)
  21. Dakara Hitori Ja Nai (English Version)
  22. Fate/Stay Night - Brave Shine
  23. Here
  24. Hourglass
  25. In My World
  26. Lovers (English Version)
  27. Masayume Chasing (Fairy Tail) English Version
  28. Monochrome Kiss (Black Butler)
  29. My Soul, Your Beats!
  30. Netsujou No Spectrum
  31. No Pain No Game
  32. Oath Sign (English Version)
  33. Polaris
  34. RISE (feat. NateWantsToBattle)
  35. Shinzou Wo Sasageyo (English Version)
  36. Silhouette
  37. Synchronicity
  38. Tabi No Tochuu (English Version)

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