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  1. Running Away
  2. A Complete Unknown
  3. A Part Of Something Missing
  4. Admirável Decadência
  5. Arise (ft. Tiff Lacey)
  6. City Boy (feat. Shawn Lee)
  7. City Syndrome
  8. Dark Into Light (feat. Shawn Lee)
  9. Gone Away
  10. Hear Me Sing
  11. Home
  12. I'll Be Your Mirror
  13. Live a Lie
  14. Losing You
  15. Mainstay
  16. New Road
  17. O Berço e a Sepultura
  18. Parte de Mim
  19. Playing The Game
  20. Pulling Triggers
  21. Self-Preservation
  22. So Lonely
  23. Somebody Like You (feat. Shawn Lee)
  24. Sou Eu, o "eu" Que Morreu
  25. Stepping Stone
  26. Temporary One
  27. Troubled Times
  28. Wayside
  29. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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