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  1. Here You Are
  2. All I Need
  3. Born This Way
  4. Cali Cali Cali
  5. Easy
  6. Everybody Knows Jason
  7. Hallelujah
  8. Hey Love
  9. Hold Me Tight
  10. How Far & How Long
  11. I Found You
  12. I'm Yours
  13. Just In Time
  14. Let Me Know
  15. Love story
  16. Lucky
  17. Naturally
  18. Never Wouda
  19. Never Woulda
  20. One Of Us Gotta Leave (feat. Pharrell)
  21. Poker Face
  22. Raincloud Grey
  23. Soaking Up The Sun
  24. Somewhere Only We Know
  25. Stay
  26. The Climb
  27. Who Says (feat Tiffany Alvord)
  28. You Belong With Me

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