Lyrics by Alves

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  1. Alvo
  2. Coisas do Tipo
  3. Dias Chuvosos
  4. E Aí Zé
  5. Estilo Clássico
  6. Falsa Vitrine
  7. Guerra Interna
  8. Líricopatas (part. Mr. Dreka, Samurai, Smile e Sid)
  9. Líricopatas 2 (part. Sid, Biro Biro e Nicolas Walter)
  10. Moça
  11. Nada É Impossível
  12. Não Estou Só
  13. Nem Demora
  14. Ônibus
  15. Pássaro
  16. Ressurreição
  17. Vai Doer
  18. Zona de Confronto

Alves is a surname that appears to originate both from Portugal and Scotland (in Scotland where a variation of the name can appear as Alvis). It is debatable whether the surname appeared first in one country or the other, since it is more prevalent in Portugal, but registered as far back as the 13th century in the church records at Alves, Moray, Northern Scotland. If from Portugal, it will have originated from the Germanic patronym son of Álvaro (Alvar, Alvarus). Notable people with the surname include: Adriana Alves (born 1995), Angolan sprinter Adriana Alves (actress) (born 1976), Brazilian actress Afonso Alves (born 1981), Brazilian footballer Anastácio Alves (born 1963), missing Madeiran Roman Catholic priest Bruno Alves (born 1981), Portuguese footballer Camila Alves (born 1982), Brazilian model and television performer Carlos Alberto Alves Garcia (born 1982), Portuguese footballer known as "Carlitos" Dani Alves (born 1983), Brazilian footballer Daniel Miguel Alves Gomes (born 1983), Portuguese footballer known as "Danny" Diego Alves (born 1985), Brazilian footballer Duarte Alves (born 1991), Portuguese politician Jéssika Alves (born 1991), Brazilian actress João Alves (bishop) (1925–2013), Portuguese Roman Catholic bishop João Alves de Assis Silva (born 1987), Brazilian footballer known as "Jô" Jock Alves (c. 1909–1979), Rhodesian physician and politician Lennox Alves (born 1956), Guyanese cricketer Magno Alves (born 1976), Brazilian footballer Maria Domingas Alves (born 1959), East Timorese politician Maria Thereza Alves (born 1961), Brazilian-born artist and activist Maurício Alves Peruchi (1990–2014), Brazilian footballer Regiane Alves (born 1978), Brazilian actress Robert Alves (1745–1794), Scottish poet and prose writer Thiago Alves (disambiguation)

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