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  1. Michi To You All
  2. Ai ni Te Furete
  3. Gomoji no ito
  4. Haribote Tsumiki
  5. Haru No Oto
  6. Hatsukoi Waratsu
  7. Kafemoyou
  8. Kanashiki Taion
  9. Kaze To Tada Mae Wo Mita
  10. Kimi no Koe
  11. Konayuki Matte
  12. Mirai Kuusou
  13. Motto
  14. Oboroduki
  15. Shindoukaku
  16. Soba Ni Iru Kara
  17. Tamagawa Yakyoku
  18. Te no Hira
  19. To You All
  20. Utautai no Ballad

Aluto (also known as Alutu) (2,365 metres (7,759 ft)) is a dormant stratovolcano in Ethiopia, located in the Ethiopian Rift Valley in southern Oromia region between Lake Langano and Lake Ziway. It is the site of the Aluto–Langano Geothermal Power Station.

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