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  1. Dame Una Mano!
  2. Energía Espiritual
  3. Haremos Conexión
  4. Miguel
  5. Molotov
  6. Nunca Jamás
  7. Todo Está Hecho de Luz
  8. Vida Tirana

Altazores is a Chilean rock band founded in 2004 by the multi-instrumentalist songwriter Mauricio Herrera who after writing, recording and producing his songs, formed a group of musicians for live performance. The group became known for their third album Secret Behind the Chaos, published by the record company Sello Azul, as their music and lyrics were contingent on the student movement in Chile in 2011 considered one of the largest and most important since the return to democracy. Since 2004 the group has released four official albums and 13 singles, including a live EP and three compilation albums. The group takes its name in tribute to the poem Altazor or parachute ride, a masterpiece of Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro.

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