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  1. Against The Grain
  2. Alright!
  3. Broken
  4. Calling Out To Believers
  5. Calling To You
  6. Count On Love
  7. Difference In Me
  8. Does God's Heart Cry
  9. Faith!
  10. Fallen World
  11. Final Hour
  12. Forever Mercy
  13. GLM
  14. Good Life
  15. Have A Clue
  16. He Knows You Better
  17. Hearts Lost In Nowhere
  18. Here Ends The Night
  19. Human Sound
  20. I Question It
  21. I'm Into God
  22. I'm Into God (Reprise)
  23. I'm Not Talking About Religion
  24. If You Let Him In
  25. It's Up To You
  26. Jesus Is Number One
  27. Kids Are On The Run
  28. Life Begins At The Cross
  29. Listen Up
  30. Love Eternal
  31. Meaning Of Life
  32. More Of You
  33. More Than Words
  34. Oh, Oh, Nancy
  35. Ride This Train
  36. Shout Louder
  37. Silent Night
  38. Take Control
  39. Take In The Son
  40. There Is A Love
  41. Unconditional Love
  42. We Love Jesus
  43. Well O.K
  44. When I See You
  45. When I'm With God
  46. When You're A Rebel
  47. Where''s It Gonna Lead You
  48. Where's The New World
  49. World Burning
  50. You Are Loved
  51. You Found Me

Altar Boys were a Christian punk band from California formed in 1982. The original members were Mike Stand (vocals, songwriting and guitar), Jeff Crandall (drums), Steve Pannier (guitars) and Ric Alba (bass guitar and backing vocals). Mark Robertson later replaced Alba on bass guitar.

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