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  1. Hear Me Now (feat. Bruno Martini & Zeeba)
  2. Headlights (feat. KIDDO & Alan Walker)
  3. Bella Ciao (feat. Bhaskar, Jetlag Music & André Sarate)
  4. Never Let Me Go (feat. Bruno Martini & Zeeba)
  5. Free My Mind (feat. Dubdogz & Rooftime)
  6. Jungle (feat. The Chainsmokers & Mae Stephens)
  7. Vale Vale (part. Xafrir)
  8. Ocean (feat. Zeeba & IRO)
  9. Big Jet Plane (feat. Mathieu Koss)
  10. Car Keys (Ayla) (feat. Ava Max)
  11. Don't Say Goodbye (feat. Ilkay Sencan & Tove Lo)
  12. Hear Me Tonight (feat. THRDL!FE)
  13. Un Ratito (part. Luis Fonsi, Lunay, Lenny Tavárez y Juliette)
  14. Love Again (feat. Alida)
  15. Alive (It Feels Like)
  16. Astronaut In The Ocean (remix)
  17. Fuego (feat. Bhaskar)
  18. Mami Mami
  19. Me & You (feat. IRO)
  20. Piece of Your Heart (feat. MEDUZA & Goodboys)
  21. Underwater Love (feat. Timmy Trumpet) (LA Vision Remix)
  22. All By Myself (feat. Ellie Goulding & Sigala)
  23. All I Want (feat. Liu & Stone Fox)
  24. Baianá (feat. Barbatuques & Foreign)
  25. Boa Sorte (part. Vanessa da Mata e Cat Dealers)
  26. Favela (feat. Ina Wroldsen)
  27. I Need Someone (feat. Faithless, Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi)
  28. In My Mind (feat. John Legend)
  29. On & On (feat. Dynoro)
  30. Taca No Chão (part. MC Doni, MC JottaPê e MC Kevinho)
  31. All The Lies (feat. Felix Jaehn & The Vamps)
  32. BYOB (feat. Sevenn)
  33. Don't Cry For Me (feat. Martin Jensen & Jason Derulo)
  34. I Don't Wanna Talk (feat. Hugel & Amber Van Day)
  35. Keep Walking (feat. Rooftime)
  36. Kill Me
  37. My Life Is Going On (remix) (feat. Cecilia Krull, HOT-Q & WADD)
  38. Numb (Remix)
  39. Party Never Ends (feat. Quintino)
  40. Party On My Own (feat. Vintage Culture & FAULHABER)
  41. Side Effect (feat. Au/Ra)
  42. Sky High (feat. Nonô)
  43. Wherever You Go (feat. John Martin)
  44. Work With My Love (feat. James Arthur)
  45. 180 (part. MC Hariel, MC Marks, MC Davi, MC Leozinho ZS e MC Dricka)
  46. 2 Much 2 Handle (feat. Steve Aoki)
  47. Alien Technology
  48. Alone (feat. ALOTT & Apophis)
  49. Always Feel Like
  50. Ameno (feat. Gaullin & Kohen)
  51. Another You (feat. Bloodline & The Vamps)
  52. Baião (part. Whindersson Nunes, Rapadura & Barbatuques)
  53. Body On My Mind
  54. Born To Kill
  55. Calça Angelical (part. MC Caverinha)
  56. Deep Down (feat. Ella Eyre, Kenny Dope & Never Dull)
  57. Deep Inside
  58. Deeper
  59. Do It Again (feat. Steve Aoki)
  60. Domino (feat. Vintage Culture & Oxia)
  61. Don't Ya (feat. Fractal System & Bea Jourdan)
  62. Drum Machine (feat. Pickle)
  63. E Depois (Que Sorte a Minha) (part. Seu Jorge e BiD)
  64. Eu Volto (part. Matuê)
  65. Gotta Get A Grip (Remix)
  66. Honor The Game (Honor Of Kings Theme Song)
  67. I Miss U (feat. Selva)
  68. Ilusão (Cracolândia) (part. MC Hariel, MC Davi, MC Ryan SP, Salvador da Rima e DJ W)
  69. Innocent (feat. Yves V & Gavin James)
  70. It Don't Matter (feat. Sofi Tukker & INNA)
  71. Joga Duro (part. LUDMILLA e Orochi)
  72. Kids On Whizz (feat. Everyone You Know)
  73. Killed By The City (feat. Bhaskar)
  74. Let Me Go
  75. Liberdade (Quando Grave Bate Forte) (part. MC Don Juan e DJ GBR)
  76. Love Is a Temple (feat. IRO)
  77. Love Love (feat. MOJJO & Gilsons)
  78. Metaphor (feat. Timmy Trumpet)
  79. Meu Amor (part. Ixã)
  80. Mix Forever
  81. My Head (Can't Get You Out) (feat. Glimmer Of Blooms)
  82. Numb (feat. Marshmello e Khalid)
  83. Over Again (feat. Solardo)
  84. Paga de Solteiro Feliz (part. Simone e Simaria)
  85. Pelados Em Santos (feat. Sevenn)
  86. Physical (feat. Dua Lipa)
  87. Pray (feat. Conor Maynard)
  88. Problemas (part. MC Hariel)
  89. Próximo Amor (part. Luan Santana)
  90. Psicose (part. Hungria Hip Hop)
  91. Rapture (feat. Daniel Blume)
  92. Ready Set Go (from Honor Of Kings)
  93. Reunion (Free Fire 4th Anniversary Theme Song) (feat. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, KSHMR e Zafrir)
  94. Run Into Trouble (feat. Bastille)
  95. See You There
  96. Slow It Down
  97. Somos (part. Melim)
  98. Squid Game (Let’s Play)
  99. Sunglasses at Night (feat. Hollaphonic)
  100. Surrender (feat. ÜHÜ & YOU)
  101. Symphonia (feat. Sevenn)
  102. Table For 2 (feat. IRO)
  103. Tacar o Terror (part. MC Don Juan e MC Pedrinho)
  104. Te Boté ((With Axel Cooper & Stefy de Cicco)
  105. Teach Me (feat. Malifoo)
  106. Tell Me Why
  107. The Book Is On The Table (feat. JØRD & DJ MP4)
  108. The Club Is Jumpin'
  109. The Wall (feat. Sevenn)
  110. This City (feat. Bhaskar & Stonefox)
  111. Toda La Noche (feat. Mario Bautista)
  112. TU (part. Matheus e Kauan)
  113. Typical (feat. Steve Aoki & Lars Martin)
  114. Uma Malandra (part. MC Davi, Perera DJ e DJ 900)
  115. Under The Full Moon (remix) (feat. Kin Jun Su & Sonnet)
  116. Villa Mix Brasília 2017
  117. VillaMix (Suave) (part. Matheus e Kauan)
  118. Vou Para o Alvo (part. Padre Reginaldo Manzotti)
  119. LET’S GET FKD UP (feat. Mondello’G, Ceres & Tribbs)
  120. Right Here (feat. Zara Larsson)
  121. Desire (feat. Calvin Harris & Sam Smith)
  122. Shivers (feat. Ed Sheeran)
  123. greedy (feat. Tate McRae)
  124. One in a Million (feat. Bebe Rexha & David Guetta)
  125. OUT OUT (feat. Joel Corry, Jax Jones, Charli XCX & Saweetie)
  126. Deep In Your Love (feat. Bebe Rexha)
  127. BLACK WIDOW (feat. Kickbait & Ceres)

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