Lyrics by Alobêned

We have compiled all the lyrics of Alobêned's songs we could find so that those who, like you, are looking for songs by Alobêned, find them all in one place.

Find here the lyrics to your favorite songs by Alobêned.

  1. Baianidade Bagô
  2. Bateu Saudade
  3. Canto Ao Pescador
  4. Carnafolia
  5. Crença e Fé
  6. Dandalunda
  7. Delícias do Sol
  8. Faraó Divindade do Egito
  9. Le Fudez Vouz
  10. Levada de Romance
  11. Meu Gostoso
  12. O Canto da Cidade
  13. Pequena Eva
  14. Prefixo de verão
  15. Rosa
  16. Swing da Cor

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