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  1. Visita
  2. Invictux 3 (Tiraera Para Residente)
  3. Adderall
  4. La Realeza
  5. Corazón Negro
  6. Invictux (Tiraera Pa El Sica)
  7. Anfetamina (part. Luar La L)
  8. R.I.P Carbon
  9. Mientras Yo Este Aqui
  10. Maletas y Paquetes
  11. Tiros Pal Diablo (part. Jon Z)
  12. Location (part. Alex Rose y Rafa Pabon)
  13. Antes de Lamentar
  14. Cristo Conmigo
  15. Dios Es Primero (part. Redimi2)
  16. Guerra
  17. Mi Testimonio
  18. Cuando Me Pegue
  19. Ganga / Arpa
  20. Tambor
  21. Yo Tengo Una Voz (part. Christian Ponce)
  22. Addiction
  23. Bandaged Knees
  24. Blood, Fire & Love
  25. Champion Indescutible (part. Alex Gárgolas)
  26. Cheat
  27. Crackdown
  28. Crank And Deceit
  29. Crucify
  30. Destroyed
  31. Detroit
  32. Devils Toy
  33. Esclava (remix) (part. Bryant Myers, Anonimus y Anuel AA) [explícita]
  34. Eye To Eye
  35. Free 'n' Easy
  36. Full Force Lovin' Machine
  37. Gift Horse
  38. Hell To Pay
  39. Instinct
  40. Jangueo (part. Wisin, Nengo Flow y Arkey-O)
  41. Jesus Loves You, But I Don't
  42. Jonestown Mind
  43. Joy Bang One Time
  44. Justo Juez (part. Alex Zurdo)
  45. La Noche Es Mia (part. Farruko y Alexio La Bestia)
  46. Lay Down The Law
  47. Lifeblood
  48. Little Lost Sometimes
  49. Loaded
  50. Love Religion
  51. Meathook
  52. Move Right In
  53. New Love Sensation
  54. Out Of Season
  55. Over The Edge
  56. Porciento (part. Kele)
  57. Possession
  58. Power
  59. Powertrippin'
  60. Praying To The Red Light
  61. Resurrection Mutha
  62. Sick And Wired
  63. Sin Against The Light
  64. Sorry For Nothing
  65. Takin' Hold
  66. The Unreal Thing
  67. Ultraviolent
  68. United State Of Apathy
  69. Way Beyond Belief
  70. Welcome To Defiance
  71. What More Do You Want
  72. Wild And Wonderful
  73. Wrench
  74. You've Gone Wild

In the Abrahamic religions The Almighty (or "God Almighty") is one of the names for God. Almighty may also refer to:

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