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  1. 2066
  2. Ace of Spades (Motörhead Cover) [Bonus Track]
  3. Alltheniko
  4. Back From The Other Side
  5. Bastard Rabbles
  6. Carcass
  7. Coming Soon
  8. Criminal Mind
  9. Dance Of Mutant Knight
  10. Dead Brain (Extermination)
  11. Horizon
  12. New Worlds Hero
  13. Sound of Rust
  14. Strong Commandos In Black Tanks
  15. Struggle Till The Sunset
  16. Sufferman
  17. The Silent Priest
  18. Thrash All Around
  19. Ticket For The Fireball
  20. Wheel Of Fortune
  21. Will The Night

Alltheniko are an Italian heavy metal band formed in Vercelli in 2002 by Dave Nightfight (vocals and bass), Joe Boneshaker (guitar) and Luke the Idol (drums). The band's name comes from a pun involving the comune of Oldenico. The line-up never changed since the beginning.

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