Lyrics by Allen e Lande

Do you love Allen e Lande's songs? Here you'll find the lyrics to Allen e Lande's songs so you can sing them at the top of your lungs, make your own versions, or simply understand them properly.

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  1. Another Battle
  2. Alias
  3. Ask You Anyway
  4. Bittersweet
  5. Bloodlines
  6. Come Alive
  7. Come Dream With Me
  8. Copernicus
  9. Down From The Mountain
  10. Dream About Tomorrow
  11. Eternity
  12. Gone Too Far
  13. Her Spell
  14. Hunter's Night
  15. Hymn To The Fallen
  16. In The Hands Of Time
  17. Judgement Day
  18. Just A Dream
  19. Lady Of Winter
  20. Master Of Sorrow
  21. Maya
  22. My Own Way
  23. Never Again
  24. Obsessed
  25. Reach a Little Longer
  26. Reaching For The Stars
  27. Silent Rage
  28. Solid Ground
  29. The Artist
  30. The Forgotten Ones
  31. The Great Divide
  32. The Guardian
  33. The Master Of Sorrows
  34. The Revenge
  35. The Showdown
  36. Truth Of Our Time
  37. Turn All Into Gold
  38. Under The Waves
  39. Universe Of Light
  40. Victory
  41. Wake Up Call
  42. We Will Rise Again
  43. When Time Doesn't Heal
  44. Where Have The Angels Gone?
  45. Who Can You Trust
  46. Will You Follow?
  47. Wish For A Miracle

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