Lyrics by All The Postcards

Do you see the song you like in this list of All The Postcards's songs?

  1. Against the Cistem
  2. Braços Fortes
  3. Burning Libraries
  4. Cold Nights
  5. Empty Hotel Rooms
  6. Exile Of The World
  7. Family Brooch
  8. Faster
  9. Hello, Mississauga
  10. Heroes And Heroines
  11. June And July
  12. Lamb
  13. Love Story
  14. Marighella
  15. My Voice
  16. Story Of A Lonely Molina
  17. Synthetic Track
  18. Thanks
  19. The Unknown
  20. The Year I Almost Stopped to Believe
  21. Trinta e Nove Milhões
  22. Twenty Five
  23. Water Mirror

It often happens that when you like a song by a specific group or artist, you like other songs of theirs too. So if you like a song by All The Postcards, you'll probably like many other songs by All The Postcards.

To discover the patterns in All The Postcards's songs, you just have to read their lyrics carefully, paying attention not just to what they say, but how they are constructed.