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  1. ...Towards The Wilderness
  2. 1941-1944. Kola North. War
  3. A Death March...
  4. All the Cold
  5. Alone and Cold
  6. Blood Maybe
  7. Coldly to Heart
  8. Coldness Of Another Universe
  9. Deep Jorney Down
  10. Depths of Sorrow
  11. Desolate
  12. Dying Alone Done
  13. Echoes of Damned Souls
  14. Freedom...
  15. I am Dead
  16. In the Rain...
  17. Kingdom of Snow
  18. Last Sun Before Polar Night
  19. Last Winter
  20. Lets Get Under Sail
  21. Message of Silence Space
  22. My Grave
  23. My Grave
  24. My Wishes
  25. New Day Without Me
  26. Nurman (Hymn of Cold Northern Town)
  27. Possessed by Madness
  28. Shadow
  29. Smile Of The Grim
  30. Soledad
  31. Suicide
  32. Suicide And The Night Winds
  33. The Smell Of Stone
  34. Through the Dead World
  35. Years of Angst
  36. Zapolyarie
  37. Zeersetz

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