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  1. Survivor
  2. For The Glory
  3. Decimator
  4. I Have The Power
  5. Ready For This
  6. Angels
  7. Born Ready
  8. Fallout
  9. Fight
  10. Machines
  11. Never Surrender
  12. The Middle
  13. A Hope In Hell
  14. Angry Young Men
  15. Beginning Of The End
  16. Black Night
  17. Break Through This Wall
  18. Dare to Fly
  19. Dark Horses
  20. Do It Now
  21. End of the World
  22. Everything (feat. Phil X)
  23. Four Letter Words
  24. Get Up
  25. Hold On (feat. Lacey Sturm)
  26. I Am the Enemy
  27. I Surrender
  28. In The Nick Of Time
  29. Invincible
  30. Kalifornia
  31. Kingdom
  32. Lights Out
  33. Live to See Another Day
  34. Love & War
  35. Never Die
  36. No Men Left Behind
  37. Oh, Yeah
  38. Push Me Down
  39. Remember My Name
  40. Search And Destroy
  41. Sirens
  42. Stay Now
  43. The Comeback (feat. Craig Mabbitt)
  44. The Reaper
  45. The Wild Ones
  46. This Is For The Fallen
  47. This Place Is Ready To Blow (feat. Dan Murphy)
  48. Underlights
  49. Uprise
  50. Watch Them Fall
  51. We Shall Overcome
  52. What Have I Become?
  53. When You Feel The Most Alive
  54. Wire Walker

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