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  1. Things Mi Love
  2. On Fleek (Love Yuh Everything)
  3. Broken Wing
  4. Sun Burns
  5. Mercy Me
  6. Pocket Knife
  7. Private Eye
  8. This Could Be Love
  9. Until Death Do Us part
  10. Wash Away
  11. Young Lovers
  12. 100 Stories
  13. 5 3 10 4
  14. 5-3-10-4
  15. 97
  16. A Song For Julie
  17. All On Black
  18. Another Innocent Girl
  19. Armageddon
  20. As You Were
  21. Back To Hell
  22. Balanced On a Shelf
  23. Blackbird
  24. Blackout
  25. Bleed
  26. Bleeder
  27. Bloodied Up
  28. Blue Carolina
  29. Blue In The Face
  30. Broken Wings
  31. Buried
  32. Burn
  33. Burned Is The House
  34. Bye Bye Love
  35. Calling All Skeletons
  36. Children In Heat
  37. Clavicle
  38. Continental
  39. Cooking Wine
  40. Cop
  41. Crawl
  42. Cringe
  43. Dead And Broken
  44. Dead End Road
  45. Dead On the Floor
  46. Deathbed
  47. Demon And Division
  48. Dethbed
  49. Dine, Dine My Darling
  50. Do You Wanna Know?
  51. Don't Say You Won't
  52. Donner Party
  53. Dorothy
  54. Draculina
  55. Eating Me Alive
  56. Emma
  57. Enjoy Your Day
  58. Every Thug Needs A Lady
  59. Exploding Boy
  60. Fall Victim
  61. Fatally Yours
  62. Fine
  63. Fine Without You
  64. Fire Down Below
  65. First Date
  66. For Your Lungs Only
  67. Fuck You Aurora
  68. God Deciding
  69. Good Fucking Bye
  70. Goodbye Fire Island
  71. Goodbye Forever
  72. Halloween
  73. Hating Every Minute
  74. heaven
  75. Hell Yes
  76. Help Me
  77. I Can’t Believe
  78. I Found a Way
  79. I Held Her In My Arms
  80. I Lied My Face Off
  81. I Remember a Rooftop
  82. I Wanna Be a Warhol
  83. I Was A Prayer
  84. I, Pessimist
  85. I'm Dying Tomorrow
  86. I'm Only Here To Disappoint
  87. If We Never Go Inside
  88. If You Had A Bad Time
  89. Ilied My Face Off
  90. In My Stomach
  91. In Vein
  92. Into The Night
  93. Is This Thing Cursed
  94. Jaked On Green Beers
  95. Keep Em Coming
  96. Kick Rocks
  97. Kiss You To Death
  98. Lead Poisoning
  99. Little Help
  100. Live Young, Die Fast
  101. Lost And Rendered
  102. Love, Love, Kiss, Kiss
  103. Lucky Smoke Rings
  104. Lucretia My Reflection
  105. Madam Me
  106. Maybe I'll Catch Fire
  107. Message From Kathlene
  108. Midnight Blue
  109. Minds Like Minefields
  110. Mr. Chainsaw
  111. My Friend Peter
  112. My Little Needle
  113. My Standard Break From Life
  114. Ninety Seven
  115. Nose Over Tail
  116. Off The Map
  117. Old School Reasons
  118. Olde English 800
  119. One Hundred Stories
  120. One Last Dance
  121. Only Love
  122. Over And Out
  123. Over At The Frankenstein Place-cover
  124. Pale Blue Ribbon
  125. Piss And Vinegar
  126. Prevent This Tragedy
  127. Queen Of Pain
  128. Radio
  129. Radio Violence
  130. Real song for julie
  131. Rooftops
  132. Rooftops (Hot Water Music Cover)
  133. Ruin It
  134. Russian Roulette
  135. Sadie
  136. San Francisco
  137. Settle For Satin
  138. She Lied To The FBI
  139. She Took Him To The Lake
  140. Sleepyhead
  141. Smoke
  142. Smokestack
  143. Snake Oil Tanker
  144. Sorry About That
  145. Southern Rock
  146. Stained In Satin
  147. Stay
  148. Steamer Trunk
  149. Stupid Kid
  150. Sun Dials
  151. Sundials
  152. Sweet Vampires
  153. Take Lots With Alcohol
  154. The American Scream
  155. The Metro
  156. The Poison
  157. The Temptation Of St. Anthony
  158. The Torture Doctor
  159. This Addiction
  160. This Is Getting Over You
  161. Those Lungs
  162. Throw Me To The Lions
  163. Time To Waste
  164. Torture Doctor
  165. Trouble Breathing
  166. Trucks And Trains
  167. Tuck Me In
  168. Wait For The Blackout
  169. wake up exhausted
  170. War Brain
  171. Warbrain
  172. We Can Never Break Up
  173. We've Had Enough
  174. Weak Week
  175. While You're Waiting
  176. You're Dead
  177. You've Got So Far To Go
  178. Your Neck
  179. Bad Time

Alkaline Trio is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band's current members are Matt Skiba (guitar, vocals), Dan Andriano (bass, vocals), and Atom Willard (drums). Founded in late 1996 by Skiba, bassist Rob Doran, and drummer Glenn Porter, Alkaline Trio released its debut single, "Sundials", in 1997. Following its release, Doran departed from the band and was replaced by Andriano, who occupied the role of co-lead vocalist alongside Skiba. The band subsequently recorded an EP, For Your Lungs Only (1998), and its debut studio album, Goddamnit (1998). Following the release of the band's second album, Maybe I'll Catch Fire (2000), Porter left the band and was replaced by Mike Felumlee for its subsequent album, From Here to Infirmary (2001). Backed by the singles "Stupid Kid" and "Private Eye", From Here to Infirmary significantly increased the band's exposure, and its follow-up, Good Mourning (2003), charted highly on the Billboard 200. Good Mourning marked the recording debut of longtime drummer Derek Grant. In 2005, the band released Crimson which expanded upon the band's punk rock influences, with prominent overdubs and additional instrumentation, and continued with this direction on Agony & Irony (2008), which was released on Epic Records. In 2010, the band released This Addiction on its own label Heart & Skull and Epitaph. Recorded in the band's home town of Chicago, with early producer Matt Allison, the album was a conscious effort by the band to return to their punk rock roots; it became the highest-charting album of their career, debuting on the Billboard 200 at No. 11. In 2011, the band celebrated its 15-year anniversary with the release of Damnesia, which featured new, acoustic-based recordings of songs from across the band's career. The band's eighth studio album, My Shame Is True, was released on April 2, 2013, while their ninth album, Is This Thing Cursed? was released on August 31, 2018, followed by a three track EP titled E.P. on March 19, 2020. In June 2023, Grant departed from the band after twenty-two years, with Atom Willard being announced as his replacement soon thereafter. Their tenth album, Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, was released on January 26, 2024.

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