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  1. C'est Pas Prudent
  2. J'ai L'air Comme Ça
  3. J'en Veux Encore
  4. Jamais Tra La La
  5. Je Suis Femme Et Musique
  6. L'antistar
  7. La Chanson Hypocalorique
  8. La Leçon de Piano
  9. La Prof de Piano
  10. Laissez Passer La Chanson
  11. Le Piano Triste
  12. Ne Chantez Pas
  13. Une Voiture Rouge

Alice Donadel, stagename Alice Dona (Maisons-Alfort, 17 February 1946) is a French singer and songwriter. Born to an Italian father from Veneto and a French mother, both musicians. As a singer she recorded 11 singles from 1963 to 1965 among them "Demain, j'ai dix-sept ans", "Surboum 63", "Mon train de banlieue", and "Avec Toi", co-written with Jacques Demarny, her entry for the Rose de France song competition in 1966. After starting a family she then turned more to songwriting and provided a series of hits for other French singers during the 1970s.

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